10 Best Burger Places To Eat in Phoenix, AZ
Best Burgers Phoenix (5)

10 Best Burger Places To Eat in Phoenix, AZ

All this while, it’s been about the best sushi, donut, pizza, and wing places. Perhaps burger lovers must have also been itching for the best burger places to eat in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re in that class, the time is here. This post is intended to satisfy your urge and thirst.

Guess what? Phoenix is the town of burgers, and like you, everyone else has been inquisitive about which burger joints are the best, and as you can probably guess already, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll list out ten best burger places in Phoenix to help you make the right choice and taste the very best burger that can be found anywhere in the world.

Don’t get it twisted; there is no place in Arizona where you can get a wide range of burgers as you find in Phoenix.

1. Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

Best Burgers Phoenix

I was wondering why this takes the top position? This is one burger place that pays attention to every bit of its processing. Their special type of burger is prepared with patty from beef. It is perfectly fed with enough greens and spiced to taste like a protein pack of sliced steaks.

Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar also feature bread that’s rich in butter, baked with healthy precautions, and spiced with evenly sliced lettuce to give you a crispy feel that will melt up while munching. You’ll savor up to the soft mushiness that fuses with the louche mix from each burger’s bite.

Do you want the best burger served? Zinburger gets you covered.

2. Lennys Burger

Walking into the Lennys Burger place located downtown in Phoenix, you’ll probably expect the worst as it has been said that there are no nice places to eat downtown. Lenny unseats this claim as it’s a great joint.

This burger place is cool from its burger varieties, ambiance, down to its design. The burger served at Lenny’s is super-enriched with fatty beef, making it crunchy and better served in pink flavor. The amazing thing is that you can customize your burger bit by bit, this way getting more options to choose from.

And guess what? The portions are generous. The burger buns are buttery with crispy edges. Enjoy this yummy burger joint’s beauty and feel, and yeah, try the S’more shake and bison burgers.

3. Aioli Gourmet Burger

Best Burgers Phoenix (1)

You probably must have heard that the burgers sold here are good ones. Is this claim correct? Yes, for all intents and purposes. The buns alone are crispy, the beef is yummy and well cooked with the right seasonings, the toppings are on point.

The Aioli that comes with this alone is delicious; the burger itself is huge to satisfy your hunger. If you don’t want the readymade, you also have the option of going with the regular burger or a craft concept burger. How about eating for a price? Aioli offers that platform. They have a triple threat challenge: you get some free extras if you can complete this challenge.

Try the special Kobe beef with brie cheese, peanut butter Hoosier, berry jam, bacon, arugula, and Sriracha Aioli; it will melt in your mouth deliciously, crazy, right? Their burgers are cooked on average to mix with toppings that are mind-blowing entirely.

Highly recommend the roasted farm vegetables for a side–so good! Included in this menu are cauliflower, Brussels, and roasted red pepper. You might prefer to have a cold margarita on the patio since you can’t eat inside.

4. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Best Burgers Phoenix (3)

One thing about Hopdoddy burger is that it’s being run in a corporate environment. The chefs can be seen adorned in their duty uniforms chopping toppings from whole supplies. All of their toppings are freshly made and are not loaded to make burgers appear bigger.

Buns are baked each day, the beef is supplied daily, this way giving it a feel of total freshness. The about 2.5cm humid toast of patty cracks a little with every bite you take. This is a place that will satisfy you and you’ll be glad to go there to have a good time with your loved ones.

Here is the spark: the burgers served at Hopdoddy Bar are affordable and won’t soak up your budget on meal and nutrition.

5. Paradise Valley Burger

Best Burgers Phoenix (4)

You want a feel for some juicy patties with great flavors? Paradise Valley Burger is the place for you. This burger joint has a wide range of options you can choose from, even vegetarians are not left out.

Tomatoes, pickles of red onions, crispy lettuce all mashed up with a chunky portion of patty, Fresh cucumber in place of pickled are readily contained in most of the burgers sold here. The brownness of the beef is mouthwatering with molten cheese to go with it.

Its customer service is mostly excellent, though not much seating space is available. Whether you prefer a dine-in, delivery, curbside pick or takeaway, the Paradise Valley Burger is there to serve you. all of this is offered at a great price.

6. The Chuckbox

The Chuckbox burger is definitely in a class of its own. This is an old fashioned burger place with over 40years of activity and is located in the middle of a college town in Tempe. You walk in, make your orders, and walk across with the attendants while they make your burger into what you want- your choice.

The four-ounce patty burger is simple but very good, hardly ever falls off as it’s width is layered and broad. They say burgers are supposed to be fresh and have great flavors right? this place satisfies this. Toppings are readily packed in a buffet somewhere in the center of the room. Described by many as the home of cheeseburgers and fixings

7. The Standard

This is one joint that works with specifics, they know what they want to do. It’s a burger that’s richly packed with beef. It’s a burger place which offers a variety of options to choose from. The menu is simple and the service is good. The burgers are excellent. The fries are seasoned, hot, and perfectly cooked.

The standard joint boasts a burger that comes with cheese, two house patties, crisp leaf lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, freshly sliced onion, kosher dill pickles, and stand sauce. Their fries come with a stand sauce for dipping and are also hand-cut.

Burgers from this joint will melt in your mouth; and this is something you can’t resist. Are you worried about COVID-19? They have a drive-thru option to make social distancing pretty much easy during this time.

8. ShackBurger

ShackBurger is not a place to mess up; they present you with a variety of delicious burgers. Aside from the fact that the waiting queue is quite long —this understandably a hallmark of a great burger joint —, the ShackBurger has a favorable location, being in one of the busiest places in Arizona.

Burgers at this joint are super soft, thanks to the succulent beef, crunchy lettuce, lush bread, and amazing potato buns. The French fries go perfectly with their cheese sauce. The billing is worth the satisfaction you’ll get.

9. The Cheese Drummer

The Cheese Drummer burger joint is a fun-filled place to dine. Aside from being a burger place, it’s also a place you can get to socialize and watch your favorite sport. Never think this place isn’t ideal for a dine-in; there are protocols to make your stay a memorable one. The taste of the burger served at the Cheese Drummer is the toast of a delicious meal.

The crunchy dough of bread, soft beef, and lush lettuce are well diced and all perfectly placed to make a beautiful burger. The price is very okay with the service you’ll get. And they have a lot of varieties you can choose from, nice staff who are on par with their job.

10. Harvey’s Wineburger

Also known as Cheese WineBurger, Harvey’s comes with a lot of things that will make you fall in love with their service. With a variety of burgers spiced with a small quantity of wine, you will not have to starve here.

They have three different circles of American, Swiss, cheddar, or pepper jack. The patty is made with fresh beef that’s perfectly fed with a lot of greens and Harvey’s, a murky dive where regs knock back Wild Turkey before noon, does the noble tradition proud.

As the patty cooks on the flattop, the cook pours in some Bordeaux kitchen wine over it. This resulting burger is something you don’t get cheap in Phoenix. Harvey loves to serve it hot and juicy so you feel the taste of a true burger. The buns are soft and rich in nutrients. This is some place you should try when you next visit Phoenix.

Final Thoughts

Phoenix is a Burger Town, as it has too many burger joints. Apparently, you’ll find more burger places you can choose from by just looking out of the window of your luxury apartments. Don’t fall for the antics of the cheap joints that will serve you poorly prepared burgers.


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