10 Best Chicken Wings To Eat in Phoenix, AZ
Best Wings To Eat in Phoenix

10 Best Chicken Wings To Eat in Phoenix, AZ

Wings are everyone’s comfort food! Whether you’re hungry or just craving hot wings, you have many options in Phoenix. There are many grills, restaurants, and bars to get amazing fixed but sometimes, the vast options can be confusing when you try to figure out the best wings in the city. We’re here to assist you in your search for the best wings in Phoenix.

Whatever style or flavor you want, these 10 best wings in Phoenix will provide you with all the hot wing goodness you need. With these wings, your fingers are always going to bring back good memories when you look at them.

1. ATL Wings

The number one place to open up our discussion on the best Wings in Phoenix, Arizona, is the ATL Wings. This spot is famous among residents for several different things; atop are the finger-licking chicken wings.

Whether you’re looking for drums or flats, ATL Wings have you covered. Their spices are diverse, and with drums covered in oil and covered in amazing spices.

With over two dozen flavors in-store, ATL Wings has your favorite in there. Their wings come in different orders so if you’re looking for an order of six or a large order of 96, you’re sure to get it.

With crispy textures that are very crunchy at the edges, you’ll have the time of your life enjoying these wings. While there are many flavors, all ATL Style wings are simply amazing and should be tried out for the full experience.

2. Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

It is unthinkable to mention the first 5 best wings in Phoenix, Arizona without having Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles on the table. It’s not likely residents and veteran Phoenix tourists will rate the list or forgive whoever compiled it over the avoidable oversight.

This is a fantastic spot to get your chicken wings in Phoenix; their Honey Hots are too memorable to be mixed out on. The chicken wings are juicy and tender and crusted for you to enjoy its crustiness. The wings are served full and come dipped in a sweet, spicy sauce that’s just as flavorful as the chicken itself.

Guess what? Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles is not one of those places you visit and empty your deep pockets because you want to have some wings. Service comes at a fair and budget-friendly cost.

3. Native Grills and Wings

Native Grills and Wings in Phoenix

The beauty of tasting the wings is not just to moisten the taste bud; far from that, the wings can feel the vacuum where energy is lost in the body. Plus, it is also not out of place to have the wings and some beers to drown the meme. Where else do you want to have this incredible mix other than Native Grills and Wings?

Many residents are regulars at the Native Grill and Wings because of the fantastic wings they offer. With over 20 flavors for your pleasure, there is no way you won’t enjoy yourself. In addition to the amazing wings is an extensive menu of craft beer and pizza; the best thing to do is come here hungry, so you don’t overeat.

Their Buffalo sauce is what keeps people coming back, and whether you like your wings stripped, traditional or boneless, Native Grills and Wings have got you covered. The wings at this spot are offered at a fair price. 

4. Zipps Sports Grill

Zipps Sports Grill

Next, up on our list of the best wings in Phoenix, Arizona is Zipps Sports Grill. This is one spot Phoenix residents and locals have made a sought-after wings place. It is also another favorite amongst the residents of the Valley of the Sun because of the sumptuous hot wings. What’s special about the Zipps Sports Grill? Let’s find out.

The wings are chewy and crispy with each bite you take filling your mouth with spice and meat. They are amazing appetizers in Phoenix, and you can always ask for it to be made extra crispy if you want. Their golden wings are a specialty you should totally try out with their fiery, flavored sauce adding all the sweetness you want to the wings.

The catch is the low price they offer their service and sell the wings.  The spot is available for lovers of the wings who are not sold to the shenanigans of some of the wings shops out there where you pay for less value.  

5. Valley Wings

Valley Wings in Phoenix

From a glance, you will probably think this eatery is not up to much, but there’s more than meets the eye with these spots. Their wings are just amazing and will keep you coming back for more. There is a wide variety of sauces to go with the wings and they are delicious, making you want to order more wings.

If you’re going to want to enjoy your wings truly, you should take it with a plate of their crinkle-cut fries. If you want to eat at home, you can order takeaway. One thing is sure, though; you’re going to come back for more.

Even that, you won’t have to pay through your nose because the wings at the Valley Wings are offered at a good price.

6. Monkey Pants

If you want fun with a side of delicious wings, then you will love it at the Monkey Pants. Their karaoke nights are much fun, and you get to laugh hard on their comedy nights; just don’t choke on their tasty Cajun monkey wings.

The flavors are extensive with barbecue, Mae Ploy, medium and their signature sauce ‘the spankin’ monkey sauce’. If you’re not sure about the sauce you want, you can always mix it up, or you can go for the Cajun sauce. If you want your wings grilled or blackened, you can always make a request and have it delivered to you.

7. Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant

Bobby-Q BBQ

The number 7 on our list of the best wings in Phoenix is the Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant. It is one of the most-visited spots for wings in the whole of Arizona due to great variety of wings, fair price, and quality service. The environment where you are served is as a home away from home.

If you have not had tasty and flavored wings for some weeks or days, your first taste of the wings at the Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant will make you forget all that you have missed in the past days.

Yummy wings and unique cocktails are what you get at the Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant. In addition to the savory wings are delicious steaks for your consumption. They serve huge chicken wings on a large platter so you can share them with family and friends. Their large portions will ensure you don’t leave the restaurant hungry.

You don’t have to go to this restaurant with your pocket full because their service comes at a reasonable price. It means you can have your wings on low cash. That’s quite rare in a place like Phoenix.

8. Long Wong

When you hear the name ‘Long Wong’, what comes to your mind? This place offers you the best Buffalo wings in Phoenix because the owners come from Buffalo. Their buffalo sauce is known to be the best in Phoenix with secret ingredients added to it. The wings are fried to perfection so that you can enjoy the full taste. Crispy and juicy all at once, every bite is memorable. The flavors are vast from the famous Arizona pepper sauce, smoked jalapeno, and many other enjoyable flavors.

The wings are made fresh to make sure it retains its flavor for your consumption, and their orders range from half a dozen to over a hundred orders.

9. Sardella’s Pizza & Wings

This place offers the best pizza and one of the best wings in the Valley of the Sun. If you want your chicken crispy, they can offer it up to you. Don’t forget to try out their honey mustard wings; it is spicy and juicy all at once. You can order takeout if you want to enjoy the delicacies at home. Sardella’s Pizza and Wings is the right place for good, budget-friendly wings.

10. JT’s Bar & Grill

JT's Bar & Grill

Rounding off our list of the best wings in Phoenix is the JT’s Bar and Grill. This dive bar has been a connection between Phoenix and Scottsdale residents, and with the remodel, its status has risen. Their sauces are excellent, their wings properly grilled and well coated. With a vast menu of flavors like the classic hot and the works, JT’s Bar and Grillworks magic with its wings all for your gratification. Don’t hesitate to spend your last penny at JT’s Bar and Grill. It’s worth it.

Final Thoughts

With an extensive list of flavors and sauces, these 10 best wings in Phoenix, AZ, will have you licking your fingers for a long time. Juicy and crispy, each spot offers memory wings for your delight at all times. Try out these spots and tell us what you think.

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