10 Gyms You Must Check Out in Scottsdale
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10 Gyms You Must Check Out in Scottsdale

Health is Wealth! The saying has been passed on from generation to generation, and it never ceases to be true. Keeping fit is important if you intend to stay fresh and active for quite a long time. That’s why it is crucial to locate the best gym around you that could help you achieve your fitness goal or help you create that goal.

Scottsdale, AZ, is teeming with numerous gyms who are ready to travel down your fitness path with you. However, it can be somewhat confusing to pinpoint the ideal gym to help you achieve your goal. This is where we slide into the picture; we’ve checked out the gyms and are recommending the top 10 gyms for your fitness journey in Scottsdale, Arizona. If it’s yoga, cycling, boot camps or fitness plans, these gyms have all you need.

1. North Scottsdale Fit Body Bootcamp

Gym Scottsdale

Working hard to help residents achieve their fitness goals, North Scottsdale Fit Body Boot Camp provides an optimum fitness program. With trainers who are ready at all times and nutrition coaches, your dream body is just a program away. If you want to lose some fat and get that summer body, Fit body has a place for you in their team.

With a first-class experience, this gym welcomes every new member into their family. With their signature workout called Afterburn, you can burn double the calories usually burnt in half an hour in popular workout sessions. That way, you can conveniently work out in between schedules and still get excellent results. Doesn’t that pique your interest? Ours too! But be ready to commit some cash because a twitch environment like ours will take some money from you.

This location is Operated and Owned by Ashley Williams, a graduate from the University of Arizona with a Nutrition Degree. This Gym Location stands out from other gyms because they offer in-depth nutrition analysis and in-fact they determine your blood type to recommend the best diet and nutrition plan that fits for you and your goals. Not to mention the InBody Machine and weekly group classes that this location has to offer.

2. Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness in Scottsdale

Mountainside Fitness was created to be a family-oriented gym; their goal was to be the friendliest gym you could find in town. They also offer free towel services, so you don’t even need to bring yours along. Open throughout the week, this place is a remarkable place to get fit. You don’t even have to worry if they have enough equipment; there’s more than enough for you to get your workouts done.

There are locker rooms available to keep your items while working out, and an entertainment system to motivate you as you sweat out some calories and fitness consultations. When the weather is excellent, you can wok outdoors as there is a training area provided and it is fully functional. It’s time to shed some weight and remain healthy.

3. Off The Grid Fitness

Off the Grid Fiitness - Scottsdale Gyms

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gym, you don’t have to look too far with Off the Grid Fitness just around the corner. That’s right! This gym doesn’t just care about your health; it also strives to make sure the environment is healthy for you. This first Arizona green gym was created with the prospects of positively influencing the community.

Looking to sustain the planet and your personal health, Off the Grid brings it all together by providing different training classes, a Boot camp, a complete workout program. With trainers always on deck to assist with whatever you need, you can create a unique plan that works best for your body. Whether it is Yoga or any other fitness and health activity, the Off the Grip Fitness has all the answers.  

4. Independence Gym

Independence Gym - Best Gyms Scottsdale

As the name implies, Independence Gym is all about helping you achieve your independence from those calories holding you back. With a common goal of becoming a better version of yourself, Independence gym operates as a team.

However unfit you are at the moment, Independence Gym can work you into shape. They are a team that motivates their members while providing a wide array of equipment their members can utilize to achieve their fitness goals.

They know that the most significant victory isn’t just in physical change but also in attaining a positive mindset. With this outlook, it’s easy to see why their members feel accepted in this sanctuary away from home. With three Olympic platforms, StairMaster Hitmill X, 40-yard turf, and a Pit Shark, there is no escaping your dream body.

5. Maximum Fitness


A state of the art gym situated in Scottsdale Airpark, Maximum Fitness is all about taking you all the way. Operating as a family, they provide the right atmosphere for members to set about achieving their various fitness goals. If you’re looking for a neighborhood Gym, this is the one. With over 16,000 square feet, there’s more than enough space to get your groove on and break a sweat.

They understand that pressure doesn’t help, so they don’t make long term commitments. Their focus is getting results and they leave no equipment behind in helping you achieve those goals. Whether it’s athletic training, fitness, or even health, Maximum Gym has been working since 2002 to accomplish these goals. They know your body is your ultimate asset and therefore, provide you with a center to take utmost care of it.

6. Eat The Frog Fitness Scottsdale

Expierence Eat the Frog Fitness - Gyms Scottsdale

If you don’t eat the frog, how do you expect to get the bod? Eat the Frog Fitness Scottsdale helps you get fit enough to avoid injuries while putting you in tune with your body. How do they achieve this? First, they put you through an assessment and then customize an 8-week training plan based on results got. They also create a heart rate training zone based on your efforts. 

The plan will include core, strength, flexibility, cardio, and recovery to benefit from every aspect. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert athlete, your plan is created to adapt to your level. After eight weeks, another assessment is carried out to discover the extent of your growth before another plan is designed for you. With a system revolving around you, what could go wrong?

7. Glory Gains Fitness

Glory Gains - Gyms in Scottsdale

The idea is getting better than our present situation, right? Glory Gains recognizes this and helps you achieve that feeling of confidence that only gets stronger with every waking moment.

Bearing in mind that fitness is earned and not gifted, Glory Gains works with every member to help them achieve their fitness goal and gain their utmost potential. With professional trainers available at all times and advanced training equipment at all disposal, there is no other option but to succeed.

Must you break the bank before you pay your hard-earned money for a gym? Yes, I agree that every quality service comes with a price, but you can save yourself some money if you gym at the Glory Gains Fitness center.

8. Pinnacle Fitness


Pinnacle Fitness is an all-in-one gym that satisfies all your fitness needs. Offering free consultations and In-body scan, Pinnacle fitness helps you find your body composition and then creates a customized plan that targets the right places to help you achieve your fitness goal. If you’re looking to change your lifestyle all together, Pinnacle Fitness has all the expertise to help you get better.

This gym provides members with a counselor, dietician as well as a trainer. This professional team works together and works on your body, mind, and habits to create a new and better you.

9. TruHIT Fitness

TruHIT - Gym in Scottsdale

Fitness is a journey to becoming better, and TruHIT Fitness travels the path with you to help you discover your Tru self. Looking for a body transformation? TruHIT fitness can fix you up. You can sign up with friends and together, build up your confidence and relationship. If you can’t visit the gym, you can always get workout plans from their online platform to practice at home, so you don’t go off track at any point.

With specialized working plans, a vast space so you don’t have to work over anybody or be touched, ample equipment to keep you busy at sweating it out, your Tru transformation is very close.

10. EOS Fitness

EOS FItness - Gyms in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a place to fit, EOS Fitness has a spot for you. Whether you’re sweating, lifting, or merely triumphing over that extra weight, EOS stays with you every step of the way. This gym recognizes that fitness is not a day’s work and so, are there to support your journey by providing you with the right amenities. 

EOS fitness offers over 60 fitness classes every week, lots of fitness equipment, top-notch machines, and a soothing atmosphere. With their classes, you can mix it up, have fun, and still achieve your fitness goals. You can be sure the EOS Fitness has all the features you may not find in any other fitness center in Arizona.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more satisfying than looking in the mirror and liking what you see; confidence changes everything, including your outlook on the world. Each of these ten best gyms in Scottsdale, AZ, will help you achieve these all-round changes with their amenities, plans, and customized programs. If you’re looking for a place to call home away from home, you can find it with them.

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