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10 Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ

Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Do you want to move to a new place with the billion-dollar light rail and awesome desert landscape? Well, Phoenix is an amazing and friendly place to live in America. So, if you are looking to move to a new, affordable, convenient, and classic community with a warm climate, then look no further because I’ve got a whole list of top neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona.

If moving to the Phoenix neighborhood is the decision you have made, then get prepared because your life is about to get better. However, you should keep reading through to find out why everyone is fascinated about Phoenix neighborhoods so much.

Are you wondering how we determine the best neighborhoods’ in Phoenix? Well, we look at things that matter to people when they decide to choose their neighborhood. These neighborhoods feature state-of-the-art facilities such as health facilities, relaxation spots, affordable housing, job opportunities, and many more.

1. Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix Living

Are you a lover of culture, art, and commerce? Well, if your answer is yes and you are looking to move to Phoenix, then Phoenix’s downtown is just the right place for you. With several commercial buildings for shopping, dining, sporting events, concerts, and nightlife all happens. Want to get your groove back on? You should consider Downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix’s downtown has a lot to offer to residents planning to move to the neighborhood starting from the Art Museum, the theatre, fashionable restaurants to the never-ending nightlife. You can explore the neighborhood on foot, visit the museum for culture lovers, or simply grab a bite from on the Phoenix’s downtown classic restaurants. Lots of houses in the Phoenix area are cleaned by Professional House Cleaners Phoenix.

2. Arcadia


Arcadia is one of Phoenix’s popular neighborhood and ideal for both work and fun. The neighborhood has a lot to offer newbies and long-time residents with its intriguing culture, vibrant food, and plush landscape.

The neighborhood offers residents with urban dwellings with a rural feel and is located less than 15 minutes from the airport and downtown Scottsdale neighborhood. Arcadia is located around some of the best commercial buildings, dining, and schools which makes it so perfect for families.

The neighborhood offers beautiful views of the mountain and also easy access to some of the best recreational areas.

3. Paradise Valley


Paradise Valley, popularly known as the “Beverly Hills of the Southwest” is located just a few miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor with a population of 14,000 residents and also features three golf courses, and at least ten resorts and spas.

The neighborhood is a large one, filled with family homes and surrounded by natural beauty. This neighborhood is a perfect place for families to enjoy the outdoors as residents can choose from single-family homes or modern condos.

This neighborhood attracts a different kind of people with the availability of great hotels, spas, and outdoor activities and has become the favorite go-to place for celebrities.

4. Roosevelt Row Arts District

Want some creativity? This is the neighborhood jokingly referred to as RoRo, this neighborhood links several residential neighborhoods. Old houses have been converted into booming bars and live music venues alongside funky boutiques and fancy eateries.

This neighborhood offers more affordable homes than others and people that cherish historic charms, and lovers of art, galleries, Indie films will enjoy the convenience of the neighborhood’s location with all the amenities.

5. Glendale

Glendale is a thriving regional economic community and the fourth largest in Arizona. Apart from the list of services and amenities that Glendale prides itself on, this neighborhood is home to professional sports and one of the best antique-shopping and surpasses other offers by other phoenix neighborhoods.

The neighborhood has two sports stadiums, a botanical garden, a historic downtown, and 1000 acres of desert land. The old neighborhood is the home for affordable housing, various living options, dozens of shopping and antique stores with special cafe restaurants.

6. North Central Phoenix

The neighborhood is located on Central Avenue off Road past Glendale Avenue and popularly known for its ranch homes, friendly neighborhoods, and historic charms. Highly regarded schools like Catholic high school, Brophy, and Xavier are all located here. 

This neighborhood is the nexus of an art and culture scene and a place to discover new places to grab a bite, dance the night away, or catch a play.In central Phoenix, there are still plenty of diverse and fascinating things that make a neighborhood worth living in.

For those familiar with Phoenix, a life lived inside North Central Phoenix is always full of great and remarkable memories. This Central Avenue corridor is one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix for several reasons that include plethora of bookstores, top-class restaurants, spas, and bars, and incredible shopping plazas. 

7. Chandler

This community is one with the perfect blend of family-friendly and varied cultures situated around Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. The neighborhood has all its historic character retained even though the community is a fast-growing one in the country. 

The residents gather together to celebrate a variety of unique and interesting events such as the Indian Market, the Ostrich Festi8val, the Tumbleweed Tree Ceremony among others. Because it’s a small but developing neighborhood, it makes it so perfect for newbies to blend it and also a neighborhood for relaxation.

If you’re in search of the best neighborhood in Phoenix, don’t go anywhere because Chandler offers everything you need to be happy and live a comfortable life. It is the home of some of the best street parks, bike parks, and car parks in the entire length and breadth of southeast Phoenix, Arizona.  

8. North Scottsdale


North Scottsdale is a friendly neighborhood with a large employment center with over 55,000 employees and also a spurred residential and commercial neighborhood that makes it possible to work, live, and have fun. 

The neighborhood is popular for its boutiques, spas, wine bars, and McDowell Mountain Regional Park, which offers North Scottsdale residents hiking, biking, and horseback trails all year-round.

If you have not known before, one of Arizona’s richest and prosperous cities is North Scottsdale. It is a city for those who love eating and drinking a wide variety of local and foreign cuisines. This is the reason it is popular for its classy steakhouses and wine bars, refined spas, and shopping plazas. 

If your taste is for foreign clothes, then the luxury boutiques that litter the whole city make you feel as though you’re in Manhattan shopping streets and markets in New York City.

9. Tempe


Tempe is home to the famous Arizona State University, which means there is always one or two going on there. The community is funky and fun, with older homes on irrigated lots. It is a perfect neighborhood for families to have a quiet, and fun environment at the same time. Also, considering the presence of the University, there are possibilities of employment for qualified residents.

With a population of about 200,000 people, Tempe is one of the best places to live in Maricopa Country and the whole of Arizona. Dwellers in Tempe are exposed to a mix of urban and suburban life. Most families living in Tempe are living in rented apartments because it is more affordable to rent than to build in the city. 

For foodies and drink freaks, Tempe is home to several restaurants, bars, parks, and coffee shops. To crown it all, young professionals in their large numbers choose Tempe as their preferred city to live in.

With a median household income ($54,210) that is almost the same as what is obtainable at the national level ($55,322), you cannot help but embrace moving to Tempe for a steady lifestyle. The cost of living is commensurate with the standard of living,

10. Garfield

Do you remember Jim Davis’ fictional cat and protagonist of the comic strip known for his affection for lasagna and friendly looks? The cat wear shares some similarities with this friendly Phoenix neighborhood. This suburb is a safe neighborhood with open and numerous resources for startups and one prominent business resource is only a few miles from Garfield. 

It features a range and diversity of languages, communities, and people. It is occupied by people of different cultural orientations and ages. Despite the diverse nature of Garfield, you can be sure it is one best neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona that guarantee security of life and property. Guess what? The rent in Garfield is quite affordable for both low and high income earners. If you want to live a true family life, this is the place to go.

It is an excellent location with restaurants and bars and other interesting art event centers. The health facility at Garfield is incredibly top-of-the-line and very affordable for low-income families.   

Final Thoughts

Here you have them, a list of the top 10 best neighborhoods in Phoenix. You cannot go wrong if you choose any of these neighborhoods for your next month-long vacation. They were built to give Phoenix and other parts of southeastern Arizona a run for their money. Read through and we hope you make the right decision with the right neighborhood in Phoenix.

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