10 Best Steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ
The Keg Steakhouse Scottsdale

10 Best Steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a great town that offers a whole range of choices, from family – relaxation spots – culture to classy steakhouses. There are different steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ, each with different looks just depending on what you want. 

For years, Phoenix, AZ has been known and celebrated as a steak town, and the steakhouses are the most popular segment of the Phoenix market where diners are always willing to drop some hefty coin.

Looking for an old school but a classic American steakhouse full of history or where you can celebrate a special occasion or impress a client? There are so many mouthwatering choices in Phoenix when it comes to steaks, and it can be quite difficult sometimes to find the right steakhouse. 

However, we have put together a list and the listed steakhouses not only offer good and tasty steaks but a mix of atmosphere and sides that everyone can enjoy. Well, you can keep reading through to get the latest top steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Durant’s Steakhouse

The first place on our list of the best steakhouses in Phoenix is Durant’s steakhouse. It has been a Phoenix hot spot since 1950. The steakhouse has a mix of old school with a classy, retro environment that offers the best steaks in the state. Durant’s offers a mix of tasty boiled steaks including rib eye, filet mignon, slow-roasted prime rib, fresh oysters, crab cakes, and Kobe sliders. Seafood fans will also have delicacies like shrimp, lobster tails, and grilled scallops served at Durant’s.

They say the food isn’t everything that is true because, at Durant’s, the atmosphere and service are so perfect; the quality of the classic menu makes Durant one of the best steakhouses in town. The steaks are always solid, the seafood is gloriously tasty and top-notch, and getting a killer martini certainly makes complete the evening.

2. Donovan’s Steak & Chop House

Donovan’s Steak & Chop House

This is an award-winning steakhouse that serves up tasty steaks like other menus they also serve. Donovan’s Steak and Chop House have some daily signature specials on appetizers, drink, cocktails as they have an extensive wine least and impressive Happy Hour to enjoy their award-winning steaks. For more satisfaction, you can ask for more decadent extras like peppercorn sauce, spicy Cajun seasoning, scrambled bleu cheese.

3. Keegan’s Grill

Keegan's Grill

This is another classic typical American grill that brings hungry diners a hospitable environment to enjoy their meal and also makes them feel at home. Keegan’s Grill has tasty menus that feature specialty salads, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, entrees, pasta, and most importantly the tasty steaks. 

Keegan’s Filet Mignon comes very seasoned and char crusted and can be served with a tasty side of scrambled blue cheese. The Keegan’s Grill is one of the best steakhouses in Phoenix AZ because of its menu diversity that accommodates a variety of palates and is a good destination for a family dinner or a business lunch. Beef-lovers should also be aware that Keegan’s Grill also serves Grilled Flatiron Steak with Maitre’ D’ butter for their customers’ utmost satisfaction.

This steakhouse offers the best in terms of service and price. The steaks and chops come at a price that is affordable. The staff attends to guests with high-profile professionalism that you may not find elsewhere. If you want a steakhouse in Phoenix with the best menu, great service, and reasonable cost, Keegan’s Grill is the best pick.   

4. The Capital Grille Steakhouse

Best Steakhouse Grille

Next up on our list is a popular steak house in Phoenix town located in the business district of the state, the Biltmore. Are you looking for ways to impress a potential business client or go on a special date? Capital Grille is a reliable and formal place with a stalwart of white table cloth service.  

The restaurant has a beautiful interior with private dining spaces suitable for a business date or special power lunches. They have their signature dish is the porterhouse of excellent, dry-aged beef and also seafood that includes sushi-grade fish and fresh Maine lobster for non-red meat eaters. The restaurant has a whole collection of fine wine and desert, like the chocolate cake for their customers.

Overall, the Capital Grille steakhouse offers a wide range of steaks, chops, fish, seafood, veal, roast prime rib, and many others. All of this comes at a good price that makes you want to come against and again.

5. J&G Steakhouse

J and G Steakhouse

J&G Steakhouse is one of the best steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ for several reasons, and visitors, tourists, and locals have made it a sought-after place. This is another celebrity-chef import and award-winning steakhouse that is located at the Phoenician Resort. It is a sleek, modern restaurant that offers not just tasty steaks but beautiful views of the surrounding corridor package. 

J&G Steakhouse offers menus with modern interpretations of American Steakhouse classics. The steakhouse is one of the strongest under the direction of the famous chef Jacques Qualin that offers menus with great steaks and extensive first-rate sauces. The menu also comprises seafood like a strong raw bar with fresh, chilled shellfish and lobsters for seafood lovers.

6. Fleming’s Steakhouse

This is another large-scale chain that puts dry-aged steaks on the regular menu. Their menus also include a modern caesar that is perfectly crisped and dressed, as well as lobster tempura that is gorgeously crisped and laced as well. The steaks are perfectly done and the creamed spinach is one of the precious few that is to die for. 

Fleming’s is a combination of both a steakhouse and a wine bar that is both upscale and casual at the same time. Wine lovers get to enjoy the restaurant’s award-winning collection of 100 wines by the glass. With Fleming’s, you get to enjoy an unusual dining experience with your favorite steak on the menu.

7. Arrowhead Grill Steakhouse

This is a casual upscale steakhouse that specializes in providing all-natural, prime hand cuts and carefully broiled steaks. The carefully broiled steaks are served on a hot plate so that every bite you have is hot, juicy, and tasty. There is also a seafood menu for seafood lovers, including Merus King crab legs, and seasonal catches. On the side of the menu also includes maple mashed sweet potatoes, cheese, and green chili mac and the do-it-yourself s’ mores with homemade marshmallows for dessert.

8. Feeney’s Steakhouse

Feeney’s steakhouse is another steakhouse within north-central Phoenix that has been the local favorite since 1965. The neighborhood-friendly restaurant offers a variety of made-from-scratch sauces, soups, salad dressings, and desserts.

The center of attraction is the steak menu that features a solid prime rib. The tasty menu is accompanied by an assortment of surf and turf platters, pork and lamb entrees, pasta, French fries, and fresh vegetables. 

You can be sure that nothing passes the services of the professional bartenders, baristas, and garcon in this steakhouse. The greatest news is that the services at the Feeney’s Steakhouse are offered at a reasonable cost.  

9. Keg Steakhouse

The Keg Scottsdale

Making the ninth spot on our list of the best steakhouses in Phoenix is the Keg Steakhouse. There are a lot of things to love about this steakhouse. Keg Steakhouse offers good quality steak cuts prepared with precision. 

The restaurant within the bar is a high-end Canadian chain eatery that is known for its prime rib that is extra flavored and tender. Keg Steakhouse also features a dinner menu that begins with an iceberg wedge salad and enticing starter menus like Mushroom Neptune that contains a creamy and savory selection of mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese.

The dining room at the Keg’s Steakhouse is most suitable for birthday, date nights, and any other celebrations. There is no celebration you want to have in the Keg Steakhouse that you will not enjoy. 

The most interesting thing to hear is that the Keg steakhouse comes at an affordable cost. You will not have to break the bank before you get the professional services of the excellent staff.     

10. Steak 44 Steakhouse

The last steakhouse on our list of the best steakhouses in Phoenix is the Steak 44 steakhouse. Named after the steakhouse location on the famously busy 44th Street, the Steak 44 steakhouse is one of the locals’ favorites and craves high quality, hand-cut steak. The menu includes the New York Strip and Farina Streak, tasty bone-in ribs, veal chops, and a popular chicken franchise. 

There is also a raw bar at the steakhouse that offers selected fresh oysters, crab, and lobster cocktails with a selection of fresh fish shellfish. If you live in Phoenix and have not chosen Steak 44 as your steakhouse, you must have missed out on a lot of things.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the information you need about the steakhouses in Phoenix, it is time to take action and make an informed decision on which of them you want to go for. Here are some of our top picks of the best Steakhouses in Phoenix, AZ. Read through our list and carefully make your pick. You cannot go wrong with any of these steakhouses. Bon Appetite!!

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