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10 Best Sushi Places in Scottsdale (2020)

Best Sushi in Scottsdale

It is only natural to say that a typical Japanese-Arizonan will not possibly go to bed without satisfying their hunger for at least one Japanese food. The entire length and breadth of Scottsdale town is adorned with one of these cuisines, Sushi.

There is no meal quite as intriguing as Sushi Raw Fish. For non-lovers of sushi, or for sushi novices who have never had the chance to eat it, the thought of it evokes mixed emotions, none pleasant. However, for the lovers of sushi, ‘delightful meal’ doesn’t quite capture the emotions that you feel when you eat sushi and sip it down with Koshu.

It comes then as no surprise that dining experiences built exclusively around sushi are quite popular. They are a scene of their own, an industry, and a unique, fine-dining experience.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, the trend is quite the same. Take a look at the 10 best and most popular sushi restaurants in Scottsdale.

1. Koibito Poke Waterfront

Koibito Poke Waterfront in Scottsdale

A restaurant run by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with a wide range of skill sets will inevitably deliver a bang for the buck. Koibito brings authentic Hawaiian culinary experience to Scottsdale.

Diners at Koibito Poke Waterfront are usually thrilled by its spotlessly clean, wide, open-space environment, its refreshing smell devoid of seafood funky odors, and often personal attention from the owner. Most guests of Koibito are already looking forward to a second-time visit. Its offerings of a range of various sushi rolls pack aloha flavors to remember.

2. Kodo Sushi Sake

There is a sense in which you can say that Kodo Sushi Sake is the home of the best sushi in the whole of Scottsdale. What does it bring to the table? Kodo’s biggest attraction is the freshness of its sushi. Its colorful rice bowls that feature purple rice have also been a great delight to diners.

Its interior is eclectic with modern aspirations. The garcon and baristas are some of the best and most efficient service personnel you can ever desire to meet in any sushi restaurant in Scottsdale. Plus, the chef is often seen in the dining area carrying on great conversations with diners. Kodo is always a memorable experience.

It’s great to have a blend of appealing colors of sushi that come at a cost that won’t break the bank. That doesn’t happen everywhere. Only at Kodo and a few other sushi restaurants will you find such an opportunity.

3. Hiro Sushi

How would a typical Japanese feel if you went to bed without a plate of sugared and salted vinegared rice that is sweetened by a range of ingredients, that include vegetables and raw seafood? Uninspired, right?

This is the same feeling for eastern dwellers of Maricopa County, Arizona who always want to have sushi for breakfast and dinner. The right restaurant that offers the best sushi is Hiro Sushi.

The sushi rolls that line the menu of Hiro Sushi evoke a mouth-watering experience for a refined palette. In the listings, American-style names serve to clothe traditional Japanese meals in familiarity, but on taste, the Hiro sushi rolls deliver true authentic raw fish appeal.

From salmon rolls to Houston rolls, and from scallop tempura to jazz rolls, the menu is rich in rolls married delicately with different condiments that blend in perfect balance for a pleasant sushi dining experience.

The great thing is that the excellent service of Hiro Sushi comes at an affordable cost. The personnel service is quite professional.    

4. Nobu Scottsdale

Like Naomi is to the runway, so is Nobu to fusion Japanese fine dining. Nobu Scottsdale is part of a chain of high-end Nobu restaurants founded by the legendary Nobu Matsuhisa – a thoroughbred celebrity chef and restaurateur.

Nobu Scottsdale follows the same exquisite settings, flawless luxurious ambiance, and impeccable fusion Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, the signature style of its founder. It undoubtedly lives up to its high price range for haute cuisine. It easily belongs in the list of top ten sushi spots in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you want a sushi restaurant where the baristas and garcon are always at hand to take your order and serve your needs, don’t go any anywhere because Nobu Scottsdale is right there for you. Services and sushi come affordable and competitive cost.

5. Roka Akor

If you want the best sushi restaurant in Scottsdale, Roka Akor comes atop for several reasons. With several locations across the US of which Scottsdale, Arizona is one, Roka Akor stays true to a uniquely Japanese style of cooking: open robata grill. However, this style of cooking does not take away from its amazing collection of sushi rolls.

Hence, it easily takes a spot on the list of 10 best sushi restaurants in Scottsdale. It prides itself on its chef-guest engagement style. As chefs prepare live meals in front of guests on the robata, guests get to see, feel, and appreciate the process that births the meal and delivers on a unique chef engagement style. Roka Akor is also well-known for an impressive beverage list.

6. Bei Sushi

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5, Bei is a delight for almost all of its diners. Bei is singled out for its cleanliness and impeccable waiting staff. Of course, its menu is also superb with its variety of rice bowls, poke bowls, signature rolls, and even options for vegetarian diners.

Bei has earned a delightful place in the heart of its frequent diners and a well-deserved spot in the 10 best sushi restaurants in Arizona. The customer service, bartenders, baristas, and garcons make your visit the most memorable of all.  

7. Sushiholic

Guess why everyone, including Japanese and non-Japanese, is interested in sushi in Scottsdale? It’s because of a restaurant like Sushiholic. This is a go-to place and you can see from the number of diners that go and come in by the time you visit them.  

Although it is known to be crowded, most diners are pleasantly surprised at how staff efficiently makes the process as seamless as possible. The restaurant is known for its top-notch sushi rolls that diners are often found repeating a visit more than twice a week.

It also caters to business lunches and other outdoor catering services. For a restaurant that boasts affordability, it is still able to deliver sushi roles and condiments that are beautiful to see and even better to taste.

8. Wok ‘n Roll

With fun and inviting twist to its name, Wok ‘n Roll is the embodiment of new styles, new flavors, and new twists on the Scottsdale sushi culinary scene. It has a lovely ambiance which is accentuated by great music playing at unexpected but beautiful areas of the restaurant. With its produce caught freshly daily, Wok ‘n Roll delivers on exciting new takes on classic Japanese sushi rolls.

Staff capacity and professionalism are second to none.

9. Harumi Sushi and Sake

If you want the best sushi restaurant in Scottsdale where you can enjoy the best time and have your taste bud revive its loss, the Harumi Sushi and Sake is the right place to be. It is one of the sushi restaurants that boast great taste, serene environment, and quality in-sale and after-sale services.

What makes the amazing profile of Harumi Sushi and Sake? With creative menu items like ‘Oh, My God Roll’, “Deep Fried Las Vegas Rolls”, Harumi is a unique offering of fine-dining sushi. You will enjoy the entire scenery and awe-breathing atmosphere of this incredible restaurant.

Reviewers have called the meal flavorful and fresh and its service top-notch. Guess what? You will get your sushi at a low price. It’s one of the most affordable sushi restaurants in Scottsdale.  

10. Zu Izakaya Asian Kitchen

If you ask me one of the best restaurants where sushi is served in Scottsdale, I will point you to Zu Izakaya Asian Kitchen. This is the home of any food from the Asian world. It brags a lot of things that will make any diner want to visit and have some time wining and dining.

Its ambiance is casual and laid back. It is styled in Japanese tapas-style: a bar that serves lots of food. Diners are treated to food pairings that go well with their unique collection of beverages. It encourages group outings, so diners can sample a wide variety of its menu offerings.

Final Thoughts

The Sushi Culinary scene in Scottsdale is always bustling with variety, innovation, and creativity. With these ten picks of the best sushi restaurants in Scottsdale, you can be sure you can go wrong going to any of them.

There is no doubt that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. I can tell you for free that the information scratches the surface of all the incredible features and services the restaurants have to offer. Yet, you’re fired up in the spirit and certainly stirred up enough interest. This will leave you ready to explore. So dive in and enjoy the amazing world of a refined sushi palette. It’s time to start enjoying Tokyo in Scottsdale!

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