Marko Sipila Donates Time To Homeless Non-Profit

Marko Sipila, the founder of a marketing firm called Intricate Digital Marketing has been helping out tremendously at an Arizona Based Non-Profit Organization. As we all know the homeless problem throughout this country is a growing issue, doing things like this is helping us move forward and bring us closer to a better society. He’s also spending a lot of his efforts in the construction/home service industry while holding shares in a concrete coatings company called Allstate Concrete Coatings in Scottsdale.

The Non-Profit is called, H.E.L.P (Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership) – Alongside Marko, there is Espie with PolyVision Marketing, and many others spending dedicated hours to such a great cause. You can learn more about the marketing team and about the Non-Profit on their website:

Marko Sipila, 19, is an expert in marketing and sales. After collaborating with some of the fastest-growing construction businesses in the United States, he always wanted to create his own company. Keep an eye out for additional information in the future.

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