Phoenix Based Company, Livewire Academy Disrupts the Electrical Space

Today’s topic… The future of the lineman. In this reading, we’re going to go over where the trade is headed as a whole. Ps, it’s not robots. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

When we think about the future, we think about artificial intelligence, robots doing all of our work for us, and sitting on a beach in the Bahamas drinking mimosas. While this is a nice thought, and I’m sure true for some industries, They don’t think the line trade will be so lucky for a while yet.

The trade as a whole relies on people more so than technology. Guys and gals going out into the rain, repairing downed lines, and making sure your power stays on. In fact, most advances in the line trades have come in the form of safety. FR is a big one, with dense rubber gloves that protect you from line shocks and rubber-soled boots to ensure you’re not ground. In fact, we’ve had other advances such as bucket trucks, booms, helicopters, etc.… But no robots, which leads us to believe the trade will be heavily reliant on capable line workers 50 years from now.  

Now it’s no secret that your workforce is dwindling and dwindling fast. People are being offered lump sums of money through different social programs enabling them to focus on other unimportant things like buying overpriced Starbucks coffee and watching communist tv programs such as CNN. The problem here? The line trade continues to grow, and the line workforce doesn’t.

With states like California rebuilding their outdated infrastructure, they’re calling on more and more people to help. With the massive fires destroying the grid and Texas freezing up, there hasn’t been A more important time for the lineman. With the flexibility to travel anywhere in the United States and almost be guaranteed a job with great pay and benefits, it makes you wonder why more young adults aren’t getting into the trade. 

Now it goes without saying, finding good talent is hard; that’s not a secret. So now that we have semi-identified a problem, what’s the solution? Technology has evolved more in the past 20 years than in the previous 50; finding recruits has stayed the same. We focus on going to career day.

Come to think of it, and he didn’t even hear about lineman when he was in high school. People these days live through social media, and the trade hasn’t adapted. With social media and online crazy continuing to grow more and more every day, the only logical solution would be to get involved

Now is it essential for the trade to adapt to this social media online world? To be truthful, we can’t say for certain, but the indicators are slightly pointing in that direction.  One of the few companies out there tackling the problem head-on is Livewire Academy. Livewire Academy is an online interactive platform that allows people to learn more about the trade and how they can get involved.

They have over 4 hours of video content with interactive quizzes sprinkled in between, which details getting started into the line trade. So if you’re interested in becoming a lineman, we highly recommend you check them out here. Getting started is as easy as enrolling and watching the videos.

We certainly have a hopeful outlook on the future of the line trade as a whole. Check out our “what does a lineman do” blog here.

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