10 Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale, AZ
Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale
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10 Best Coffee Shops in Scottsdale, AZ

Some of us simply can’t start our day without a coffee in our system; that’s the only way to kick-start the day and keep the grumpy away. However, it is not always easy to locate the best coffee shops in Scottsdale, Arizona. Some people have stories of being disappointed by the coffee they get from some coffee shops.

Don’t worry, Scottsdale is always upping its game, and coffee is not left behind. There are some coffee shops in this sunny city that are pretty easy to find and offer you the best coffee ever. The list wasn’t hard to put together, and it was even easier to get used to going back for more.

If you’re searching for somewhere to get your morning breakfast, meet up with some friends, read your favorite book, or a quiet place to get work done, one of these coffee shops is bound to fit your bill.

1. Maverick Coffee    

Maverick Coffee - Scottsdale Coffee Shops

If you’re looking for some good vibes and great coffee, you should make a stop at Maverick coffee. Looking quaint and chic, this coffee shop in Scottsdale might seem like it has little to offer at first glance.

Don’t worry, Scottsdale is always upping its game, and coffee is not left behind. Some coffee shops in this sunny city are pretty easy to find and offer you the best coffee ever. The list wasn’t hard to put together, and it was even easier to get used to going back for more.

You can save a lot of money if you make Maverick Coffee your destination point when you want to prepare for the exciting times at the gym, the strenuous strolls to the desert, the energy-sapping moments on your motorcycle, and the enthusing joy of visiting a distant friend. This is because Maverick Coffee doesn’t only treat you to lovely coffee; it also offers it at a reasonable price under the serene and cool atmosphere.     

2. Berdena’s Coffee Shop

Relatively new to Scottsdale, this coffee shop came to take over the coffee space. It has fast become a favorite to many people; you can use this spot as a work station as it offers a serene environment. It is in Scottsdale’s heart and offers both indoor seating and outdoor seating, depending on your mood.

So, if you want a spot to unwind, enjoy the sun and drink excellent coffee, then Berdana has a spot for you at all times. With unique coffee at all times, you can always have breakfast here by choosing from their pastry assortments. 

There is much more that will attract you to Berdena Coffee Shop. If your choice of place offers its coffee at an outrageous cost, it is time to switch to a shop that will offer great value for money at a reasonable price.

3. Lakeview Coffee

Lakeview - Scottsdale Coffee Shops

Apart from having fun, one thing that makes a coffee shop worth your visit is the incredibly friendly environment and lush atmosphere that makes you relaxed and dazed with serenity. If what you want a mix of good coffee and a home away from home, Lakeview Coffee Shop is the right pick.

This coffee shop can only be labeled as awe-inspiring; they’ve got the best offers for you. If you want a peaceful spot to unwind and collect your thoughts simply, Lakeview has a serene atmosphere to offer you, and that’s not all. You can buy your coffee in bulk and enjoy it from home. The cozy shop offers a great view every day, and you can also enjoy breakfast also as you drink your nourishing coffee.

4. Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Cofee Lab - Scottsdale Coffee
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You have just arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona on a very short visit and you need to have a coffee with your host knowledge. If you take a walk to the Cartel Coffee lab, you won’t have any regrets It is a good place to enjoy a mix of nature and coffee.

If you’re searching for a comfortable, hipster, and yet low-key space to enjoy good coffee and still have some privacy, this coffee lab has got you covered. This cool coffee shop sources and brews the coffee it sells, and the baristas are amazing. Even more helpful is the community it has created on its website where you can access information about coffee and several coffee how-to guides.

This place is known for the excellent company it offers, as it is a favorite amongst the locals. If you want to catch up with your friends or just work in a serene environment, you can stop over at the Cartel coffee lab.

The greatest package is the affordable prices you will get a mug of coffee.

5. Village Coffee Roastery

Village Coffee - Best Coffee Scottsdale

The children are bored at home and want some exciting life out there after a lengthy study. Visiting a coffee hub is the right thing to do to spend their pastime. But if you’re worried about where to take them, Village Coffee Roastery is always available to welcome you.

When looking for a trendy place to enjoy incredible coffee and be surrounded by great artwork, drop in at the Village Coffee Roastery. This coffee shop is where you get connected to art, as many local artists display their works here. The Village Coffee Roastery all offers terrific live music performances during the weekends. So as you sip on your coffee, you can nod your head to great music at the same time.

6. Schmooze Café

Schmooze - Best Coffee in Scottsdale

The minute it opened back in 2018, this coffee shop has always delivered a soothing space to enjoy coffee and work at the same time. The idea was to create an office space to work and a café to provide you with great coffee as you work. With enough space, this coffee shop gives you the feeling of being at a resort.

It gives you the view of a lovely fountain that puts you in touch with nature. Whether you’re in the mood for business or pleasure, Schmooze has something for you. You can even hold business meetings in the conference rooms which are available for rent. Apart from fantastic coffee, their extensive menu offers you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can ultimately spend your day inside the Schmooze café and workstation and get all your work done.

7. Press Coffee Shop

Press Coffee - Scottsdale Best Coffee

The people at Press are pretty serious about their coffee business. If you are a coffee enthusiast looking to learn more about coffee, their coffee 101 courses cover all bases. They also produce their own beans, which are of the best quality; this is apparent in the many awards and recognition they have gotten for their excellent beans.

Their beans have proven to be top-notch over the years, which is why both tourists and local residents are always drawn to this café whenever they need to enjoy the goodness that is coffee. There is no doubt going to Press Coffee Shop is the best decision to make for all your coffee experience.

8. FourTillFour Coffee Shop

Fourtill Four - Best Coffee in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for simplicity and class, then you should check out Four-till-four. This Porsche-themed coffee shop has a fantastic menu to offer its customers. The owner is apparently passionate about Porsche as this passion is reflected in the café’s artworks and several other hints. You can take your coffee inside the shop or sit outside if the weather is great.

A Porsche and coffee meetup is held on the first Saturday of every month, and it is always fun. Four-till-four also roasts its own coffee and sells it wholesale. This café is known to have a friendly staff that makes you want to become a regular. 

9. Sip Coffee and Beer House

Sip Coffee - Scottsdale Coffee Shops

The Sip Coffee and Beer House is worth mention. Open at all hours of the day; it offers fantastic coffee and satisfying breakfast in the morning.

However, it offers more as the night comes. Unlike your conventional coffee shops, Sip Coffee and Beer House is ideal for people looking for something a bit more diverse. For as many times as can be recommended, Sip Coffee and Beer House will always be at the top level.

10. The Henry

The Henry - Best Scottsdale Coffee Shop

This spot is a combination of a coffee shop, event space, bar, and a restaurant. The style and beautiful décor are great for pictures, and maybe that’s why it is tagged ‘the Gatsby era grace,’ which I find quite fitting. A coffee bar is available when you walk into this coffee shop and restaurant; you can easily have a tasty meal alongside lovely coffee at any time of the day. It is also perfect when you need a private spot to work as there is plenty of space and just enough food to keep you going.

Final Thoughts

These great cafés are awesome for getting coffee and breakfast as you dash to work; they also offer great space to work from home. Residents love them, and tourists enjoy their experiences there. What better way to start a promising day than with a cup of coffee. If you’re confused about your taste, these coffee shops offer varieties to make your choice from.