10 Best Bars To Visit in Phoenix, AZ
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10 Best Bars To Visit in Phoenix, AZ

The evolution of the nightlife of Phoenix, Arizona from mildly interesting to bustling beehive has been interesting to watch. It has seen the opening up of new upscale bars, cocktail bars, speakeasies, steakhouses, and even local watering holes and honky-tonks. 

As with the food scene, for a good ‘ol pint, there is a bevy of thirst-satisfying options to savor. Phoenix locals sure love their spirits, suds, wine cafes and as for craft beer, let’s just say they have a more than average love for this flavor, the eclectic beverage.

These tantalizing descriptions could prompt you to conclude that Phoenix has one of the best places to drink, eat, and enjoy life to the fullest. You will even be underestimating the power of this part of the US. A visit to the best bars in Phoenix will, for a moment, make you forget the auto theft record of the city.

How will you recognize the best bars in Phoenix? They distinguish themselves in terms of their great price offers, serene and cozy environment, a wide range of wines, ciders, liquor, and beers, and top-quality services. You want to know what the list of the 10 best bars to visit in Phoenix, Arizona is?

So let’s begin.

1. Cider Corp

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The first shop on our list of bars in Phoenix is Cider Corp, and it is impossible not to have this guy in the top 5 best bars to visit in Arizona.

It’s hard not to get sentimental about the story behind the birth of Cider Corp due to the barrage of things it brags and the startling records of customer’s feedback about its services. Owned by veteran Sgt Josh Duran and his brother Jason Duren, this cidery is the drinking man’s home of dreams.  

Established in 2017, post-recovery by Sgt. Josh, this craft cidery has an array of craft cider flavors from mango to lime and lemon to watermelon. If you ever dreamed of cider slushie, well, in Cider Corp, your dreams have come true. 

Located on 31 S Robson #103, Mesa, AZ 85210, Cider Corp is open for service 7 days a week from 12 pm-8 pm, except for Labor Day.

2. Gypsy Bar

Gypsy Bar is a light, sound, and movement hip 10,000 square feet space bar that appeals to the young and hip burgeoning nightlife scene in Phoenix, Arizona. Its 40-game arcade is a spot to get the vibe going with specially crafted cocktails. 

The snazzy effect of this uber-modern bar is capped off with a raised bar featuring go-go dancers and a live DJ keeping the crowd going. Gypsy Bar is an amazing place for all kinds of beers, liquors, wines, and drinks, including your plain drinking water, tea, coffee, milk, soft drinks, and hot chocolate. 

While you hold in your hands a cup of whiskey, there is some blazing music cooling off the depressing moments you had with your nagging boss in the office.  

3. Arizona Wilderness

It would be out of sheer bias or ignorance to have a list of the top 10 best bars to visit in Phoenix without a mention of Arizona Wilderness. Especially when you have a buzzing, musically fertile bar in a profusely lively city in Phoenix and you call it a wilderness. If you ask me, this bar is literally speaking, a true definition of irony.

Beer lovers in downtown Phoenix, Arizona can now taste the legendary diverse flavored craft beer that is the hallmark of Gilbert’s flagship bar. The newly-opened Phoenix Arizona Wilderness boasts with pride an extensive list of artisanal beers.

 But if your palette is better attuned to cocktails and wine, the Arizona Wilderness excellent bartenders will whip up mind-blowing drinks made from locally sourced Arizona ingredients. Great prices, professional bartenders and baristas, and quality service are some of the features Arizona Wilderness brags.

4. Bar Smith

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The first time you step into the Bar Smith, you will be reminded of those days at 959 North Carolina, 1280 25th Street, Denver, or 107 North Block Avenue, Fayetteville, where Ludlow Liquors, Death & Co, and Maxine’s Tap Room are respectively elegantly located. No doubt, these are exquisite bars, but the difference with Bar Smith is not in substance but location.

The festive mood is always on at this small but hip two-floor Phoenix bar. With cool DJs manning both the indoor lounge and the rooftop bar all night long, it’s hard to just sip and chill on its swanky couches.

When you step into Bar Smith, you come with your groove almost always on. With a friendly bar staff serving up cool cocktails and VIP bottle service. The service comes at a reasonable price.

5. So Far, So Good at Churchill

If you like your cocktails straight up with no fuss, then Churchill has your name written all over it. It prides itself on being a local community gathering. It is a collaborative effort by ten local businesses housed in refurbished shipping containers.

Unsure of what to order, grab the $5 shot as you try to make a choice, it’s always a solid choice for a starter. You can also find burgers, fries, and a more modern acai bowl topped off with coconut.

The community spirit is palpable with frequent fundraisers and socially conscious engagements, but the cocktails also have the hippiest names ever like To-Groni and Killin’ in the Name.

6. Bliss Rebar

Not sure where to hang out with friends from Provo-Orem, Utah —America’s driest metro by all standards? No more worries because Bliss Rebar has all it takes to revive those lively moments. 

Interestingly, the intent of the founders of Bliss Rebar was very specific. This secluded, cool spot will help you with great drinks to cool off. There is not a dull moment here because the music blazes, the dances entertains, and the serene environment makes you remember those missing points in your dissertation.

 What’s more, the Bliss Rebar offers a range of good and quality food and drinks after a busy day in Phoenix, Arizona. It sits pretty on this list of the top 10 best bars in Phoenix, Arizona. With shaded patios and dimly-lit indoor seating, it fulfills its intent of cool seclusion. With its signature mac and cheese, the menu is upscale and drinks are deliciously inventive.

7. Film Bar

Next up on our list of the best bars to visit in Phoenix is the Film Bar. The bar is a unique and super awesome brainchild of Kelly Aubey. It is the perfect mesh of good food and great movies. With a 70-seat movie theatre, you can find independent movies and rare cult-following classics being screened.

The bar is flush with 25 different craft beers, 12 different wines, and popcorn of course. This unique setting like no other in Phoenix is a really fun and unique concept bar. Guess what, the prices of drinks and food are great and accommodate both low- and high-end customers. You shouldn’t miss out on their offers.

8. Monarch Theatre

With a 30,000 watt sound system, state-of-the-art visual and lighting system, Monarch Theatre is a stunning nightlife experience in Phoenix, Arizona. With a capacity to hold 700, it plays host to great DJs and trendy fashion shows.

There’s no dressing down at Monarch Theatre. So, for A-list fashion, there is nowhere more appealing than the Monarch Theatre. Its one-of-a-kind cocktails mixed with the most professional mixologists can set you back a steep penny, so come prepared with deep pockets and great dancing shoes.

9. The Theodore

Theodore reminds you of the elegance and magnificence that define the Birmingham historic building in Alabama. What kind of beer and wine do you want that the Theodore doesn’t have? Maybe it has not been brewed.

Its signature is rare and limited brews and wines. Its stock also includes locally-brewed beer and wines. For further information and an up to date scoop on the Theodore’s refined offerings, you can hit up their Instagram page. 

Just before you link up with their Instagram page, you may be glad to know that the Theodore offers their wines and beers at the most affordable price. There are seasonal promos and offers for consistent customers, as well. 

10. Ted’s Refreshments

The last guy on our list is Ted’s Refreshments. Does that listing make this bar the least of all? Absolutely not. Simply put, this is a solid spot where things happen. There is a lot to love about this bar. From the pool tables to cheap pitchers, a blinding array of neon lights, you can’t help but visit Ted’s Refreshments.

The stock is locally sourced and rounded off by unique signature drinks from Pedal Haus. With a casual setting and compact stock list, Ted’s owner, Chicago native Julian Wright, has fit right in here in downtown Phoenix.

Final Thoughts

For the best bars in Phoenix, any of the guys on this list will deliver what you want any day, anytime. From casual to fashion-themed upscale setting; from the family-centered to raucous hearty-laugh dives, Phoenix nightlife is a brimming bustling intriguing experience. It’s time to start drinking. À votre santé.

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