10 Best Breakfast Places in Phoenix, AZ
Best Breakfast Places in Phoenix

10 Best Breakfast Places in Phoenix, AZ

Many people no longer have time for lunch; I find that pretty curious. These days, it’s more about where to eat brunch than where you can get a good breakfast meal. While there’s nothing wrong with brunch, sometimes you just want to enjoy a classic American breakfast and enjoy the beginning of a new day.

When you are in the mood for this, some places offer the best breakfast meals you can ever have. When in doubt about where to go, these 10 best breakfast places to eat in Phoenix, AZ, are your best bets.

These 10 breakfast spots stand out among the rest and are unique in their own special ways. These sports offer the best breakfast meals and give you new choices if you’re in the mood for an adventure. Let’s get started

1. Snooze


Trailblazing our list of the best breakfast places in Phoenix is Snooze. You are familiar with this place when we were describing the best brunch places in Phoenix, right? Little did you know that Snooze is a great place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert, and dinner. There are so many selling points for this place and that is why tourists and locals are trooping in their numbers to have a taste of what Snooze offers.  

The Phoenix residents love Snooze, and Snooze never disappoints them; many locals will always recommend Snooze AM Eatery when you’re looking for a top breakfast spot. Their pancakes are to die for! It will satisfy your sweet cravings and then more.

They have different flavors at your disposal, and when you can’t make up your mind, you can pick out three flavors for your enjoyment. Another delicious choice you can make is their Breakfast Sammies; it rates right next to their Sandwich I am. At Snooze, there is nothing you wouldn’t enjoy to the fullest.

2. Matt’s Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast

You know how you hear a lot about a place, and then it doesn’t leave up to the hype when you finally get around to visit? Well, that’s not the case with Matt’s Big Breakfast; it truly deserves the fame it has garnered.

There is no meal on the menu that you can go wrong with, their bacon will have you planning your next visit, but the real showstopper is the Five Spot Sandwich, which is fully flavored and big enough to satisfy your appetite.

With several locations all around the city, you can simply pop in at the closest to you and get your breakfast fix. Guess what? The service, food, and cool and serene environment are offered at a fair price. Make sure you do sleep off when your body receives that incredible fresh natural air that cross-flows in Matt’s Big Breakfast. 

3. Original Breakfast House

If you stand anywhere in Arizona and ask for the best place you can eat the best breakfast in Phoenix, you are not likely to get two mentions before the name of the Original Breakfast House pops up.

Naturally, Phoenicians love Original Breakfast House for a lot of reasons. So, the earlier you get there, the better your chances of getting a table. The best bet is for you to go there hungry because you might end up overfeeding on the variety of breakfast choices available.

Their fried chicken and French toast are unsurpassed, and their home fries are another choice you won’t regret. The bakery offers you plenty of sweet delights like muffins and their brioche cinnamon roll. You can grab breakfast at the Original Breakfast House as you dash to work.

If you waste a minute from now on, you won’t get a formal table, except, of course, you want to sit at the casuals or basic tables. How much would you pay for a plate of breakfast? Your budget, bank, or pocket is safe in this regard because Original Breakfast House won’t spin you. They offer delicious meals at a fair price.

4. Fàme Caffe

Fàme Caffe

If you want to eat healthy, bright, and early, then you should pop in at the Fàme Caffe. This place serves simple meals, which are always delicious and ready for your consumption. Their variety of French toast, omelet, and other simple meals are made with fresh ingredients. You can enjoy one of their meals with a side of the passport coffee while using the free Wi-Fi made available for your convenience.

5. Ollie Vaughn’s

Next up on our list of the best breakfast places in Phoenix is our rich, cool, and budget-friendly Ollie Vaughn’s. This sandwich shop passes as one of the best spots to get a delicious breakfast in Phoenix.

Their breakfast sandwich comes with their in-house croissant and biscuit. It is then filled up with eggs and any meat of your choice in addition to vegetables and cheese.

Sounds delicious, right? Ollie Vaughn still has more to wow you with. A personal favorite would be the pork chile Verde, it is truly incredible and gets more delicious with every taste.

With the best meals and nutritious service, Olie Vaughn thinks first of its customers. This is the reason it is offering these breakfasts at a price that won’t send customers ways.

6. Butters Pancakes and Cafe

Butter Pancakes Breakfast Phoenix

If what you want is a place in Phoenix where you can eat one of the best breakfasts at an affordable price, then Butter Pancakes and café is the right place to go. It comes with a variety of breakfast options at a good cost.

Whatever you order at the Butters Pancakes and Café is bound to come out impressive; we absolutely love their fluffy pancakes. Their service is quick, and the dishes made to perfection; the scrambled eggs are delicacies not to be missed, but we maintain that the pancakes are indeed the best you can get in town. You can enjoy your breakfast in a serene indoor environment or on the patio if the weather is excellent.

7. Gilbert House Restaurant

If you’re looking for a restaurant that goes straight to the point when you want your breakfast, then you’ll fit right in at the charming Gilbert House Restaurant. Their omelets are fresh and made light, and the eggs are just as simple as they’re delicious. Their pancakes are also one of the best, especially when you enjoy them with maple syrup. Apart from the wide range of breakfasts that are available on its menu, the Gilbert House Restaurant offers affordable service, making customers feel at home.    

8. Ranch House Grille

If you want to enjoy breakfast at a spot that gives you a country vibe, you’ll love it at the Ranch House Grille. For more than a decade, this spot has offered customers the best omelets they’ve ever tasted and amazing pancakes.

But if you really want to be genuinely stunned, you should try out the juicy chicken; it is stuffed with meaty chile pork and garnished with hash browns and eggs. You are likely to come back more than a dozen times after your first visit to the Ranch House Grille. The budget-friendly cost of eating, the serene environment, the quality of the attendants, and the range of food available for breakfast. 

9. The Farm’s Morning Glory Café

In the ninth spot is the Farm’s Morning Glory Café. As the name implies, the Farm Morning Glory Café will brighten your day with a good and delicious meal. If it is about the right sense of what is good and healthy for breakfast, this is the best place to visit.

This place is a combination of a café, studio, farm, and kitchen, but remains a favorite for Phoenix residents when it comes to breakfast. Their muffins are one of the reasons many people keep coming back, but so are their omelets and sausages.

Everything is made healthy from fresh ingredients picked from the garden. If you’re looking to eat a bit heavier, you can always go for the Huevos Rancheros or the cowboy chili and eggs.

Cost of breakfasting? Fair and affordable. It is one of the best on our list when it comes to price.

10. Pomegranate Cafe

If you’re searching for a nutritious breakfast that’s just as delicious, I have the perfect spot for you. This place offers wholesome meals, and all ingredients used are of the best quality. Their Breakfast Burrito is a must-have, and so is the French toast. If you’re impressed and want to order a home, there is an extensive selection of baked delights you can take. The breakfasts here are flavorful and yet of the best quality.

Final Thoughts

Breakfast always gets better at these 10 best breakfast places to eat in Phoenix; the dishes are an art, and you can enjoy them in a serene environment provided by the restaurants.

Breakfast is proclaimed to be the most important meal of the day, and when you start your day at any of these breakfast spots, your day can only get better with delicious memories to look back on.

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