10 Best Dentists in Scottsdale, AZ
Best Dentists in Scottsdale

10 Best Dentists in Scottsdale, AZ

It is frequently suggested that you do a check-up on your teeth quite regularly. There are many dentists in Scottsdale, Arizona, to give you the best treatment possible. You don’t want to get a tooth problem and be stuck on where to go or which dentist to visit to get the best oral health care. If you just want to whiten those teeth or fill them in, you need the best dentist to get the best care possible.

Now, the vast number of dentists can be quite confusing, which is why we’ve put together a list for you. These professionals have received fantastic reviews from their clients who benefitted from an appointment with them. While hundreds of dentists are available in Scottsdale, these are the top ten dentists that cut our list.

1. Waldman Dental Group – Dr. Owen Waldman

Waldman Dental - Scottsdale Dental

If you’re looking for family dentistry in Scottsdale, you’re in the right place with Waldman dentistry. They offer the best care ever and promise to help you keep up your beautiful smile. With 20 years of experience under their belt, these professionals understand the importance of a good relationship with their clients. They also always endeavor to develop a personal treatment in tune with their client’s lifestyles. 

They offer a vast range of services, including dental restoration, root canal therapy, extractions, cosmetic dentistry, laser periodontal care, and dental implants. Their objective remains to ease your discomfort and help to improve their patients’ life. With Waldman Dental Group, you are bound to achieve your best smile.

The interesting thing about this family dentist is that they offer their services at a not outrageous cost. It means you won’t have to break the bank even though they offer you their best services.

2. Belmont Dental Care

Belmont Dental Care - Scottsdale Dental

This is another top cosmetic dentistry located in Scottsdale; it is operated by Dr. Puneet Sandhu and his team of professionals whose goal is to provide you with the best oral health care you can get. Whatever you need, they are prepared to provide for you. So if you need implants, crowns, whitening, bridges or veneers, this expert dentistry will deliver the best service to you. 

They do their finest to make sure you don’t have to break the best to get the care you need; this is evident in their affordable dental care plans. To make things easier for their patients, they accept different methods of payment and insurance as well. The reviews they get are high, and with just a visit, you’ll understand why they’re spoken so highly of.

You won’t have any regret making the Belmont Dental Care your go-to place because their top-quality services are offered at a cost that is affordable for both low- and high-end spenders.

3. Dr. Alex Martin, DDS

Dr. Alex Martin - Scottsdale Dental

Another dentist that offers professional dentistry services in Scottsdale, AZ, is Dr. Alex Martin. When you visit his clinic, you will find that it is fully equipped to provide cosmetic, preventative, and even emergency dentistry.

Residents can quickly go in for their monthly check-ups, metal-free restorations, porcelain veneers, cleanings, and even an all-ceramic restoration. This dentistry is popular because of its involvement with several organizations all over the community.

The greatest joy you can relish is having a healthy set of teeth. But you can always rely on this dental care brand to enjoy the best services.

4. Daniel Sluyk, DDS Family Dentistry

Daniel Sluyk - Scottsdate Dental

You can trust Dr. Daniel Slyuk with your teeth; he graduated top of his class before opening the family dentistry. Known for his diligent services, it’s easy to see how Dr. Daniel Slyuk has climbed up the ranks to be recognized as one of the best.

He aims to promote oral health care for every family in Scottsdale. There is no age requirement in his dentistry. He endeavors to educate everyone who visits the dentistry about the various oral diseases and how to avoid teeth problems in the future.

Looking out for his patients’ best interests, Dr. Daniel Sluk accepts all insurance plans and provides an interest-free payment plan for a year through CareCredit. With all of these fantastic features, Slyuk Family Dentistry is for both low- and high-end clients.

5. Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale

Dentistry of Old Town - Scottsdale Dental

Whatever dental service you’re looking for in Scottsdale, the professional staff of Dentistry of Old Town Scottsdale is prepared to offer it to you. Led by Dr. Bradley Brittain, who bagged his doctorate from Oklahoma University, DOTS offers dental specialties to any patient. This dentistry provides detailed check-ups, teeth whitening, root canals, crowns, dentures, dental implants, and many more services to the general public.

Armed with advanced technology like 3D digital imaging and immediate CEREC crowns, this dentistry provides the best services. They pay back the community by giving rewards like electric toothbrushes, free benefits, and many other exciting bonuses when they refer them to others.

6. Desert Dental Care

Desert Dental Care - Scottsdale Dental

This expert dentistry is more focused on clients in the metropolitan area. They are headed by an expert doctor, Dr. Stacey Sanford, who has been practicing for twenty years. Desert Dental Care focuses on providing patients with various services like Invisalign, bridges, fluorides, root planing, teeth whitening, sealants, periodontal scaling implant registration, and several others.

Open four days a week, this dentistry endeavors to provide the best services and accept different payment options and insurance plans. They are most preferred as a provider of Delta Dental. Despite their apparent metropolitan outlook, Desert Dental Care also cares for people at the grassroots. Their service is not too expensive to subscribe to. They remain one of the dental places with the best prices.

7. Dr. Rick Dentistry

Dr. Rick Dentistry - Scottsdale Dental

Are you looking for a family dentist while residing in Scottsdale? You should try out, Dr. Rick. He is a cosmetic dentist who attends to both children and adults in Scottsdale and the surrounding community. Dr. Rick turned down a teaching position at the University of Detroit’s School of Dentistry, where he graduated. 

With more than ten years’ experience on his side, Dr. Rick specializes in providing complete health care, cosmetic procedures, Invisalign, veneers, botox for TMD treatment, dermal fillers, and several others. RateABiz gave Dr. Rick Dentistry a five-star review, and so did Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Dr. Rick Dentistry’s service does not come as a bank breaker but for all dental patients.  

8. Dr. Caren Hull DDS 

Dr. Caren Hull DDS - Scottsdale Dental

Dr. Caren Hull was voted the top dentist in Arizona, and it’s easy to see why. As a member of the Arizona Dental Association, Dr. Caren Hull provides a vast range of services. So if you’re looking for a full dental examination, tooth filling, smile analysis, implants, complete mouth construction, dentures, teeth straightening, and several other services, pop in at Dr. Caren Hull Dentistry.

This dentistry also makes sure that clients always feel right at home in the clinic and that only the best services are provided to patients.

9. Kierland Dental Arts

Kierland Dental Arts - Scottsdale Dental

Kierland Dental Arts are led by Dr. Sanjay, who graduated from the University of Boston’s School of Dental Medicine and has completed various cosmetic and implant dentistry training. This dentistry offers a wide range of restorative, preventive, and cosmetic services to their customers. Their prices are very affordable so that every family can have access to the best oral health care available.

The staff of Kierland Dental Arts are professional yet friendly and strive to sustain a spa-like atmosphere. The services offered include dental crowns, implants, CEREC, veneers, and fillings, amongst others. A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Sanjay is also known to perform oral surgery.

10. Loving Family Dental

Loving Family Dental - Dentist in Scottsdale

Located in Fountain Halls, this Arizona dentistry was founded in 2000 and operated as family dentistry. Drs head them. Tim and Lisa Loving, who graduated from Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry, is known for their specialization in various procedures. They operate as a family and are always looking to welcome new patients. 

Offering dental services like crowns, bonding, CEREC, fillings, implants, dentures, inlays and outlays, and several others, this dentistry has received numerous five-star reviews because of the caring and natural environment they create for their patients.

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to go when your teeth are aching or developing some unhealthy issues. Arizonians don’t joke with their health. They give the utmost attention to their dental health. That is the reason why you have the top best dentists in Scottsdale.  

The irony of it is that we can’t possibly pick the best among these dentists because they all compete favorably to ensure clients get the best dental service. The good news is that you would not have made any mistake if you opted for any of these dentists.

Their services are affordable, accessible, and top-notch. Your next visit to Scottsdale should be full of confidence that you will get the best treatment across the city’s length and breadth.    

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