10 Best Brunch Places in Phoenix, AZ
Best Brunch Places in Phoenix
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10 Best Brunch Places in Phoenix, AZ

We love our breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but brunch is also an excellent time for meals. It is a perfect time to hang out with friends, and you don’t even have to go for a salad. If you’re too busy in the morning and you can’t make up your mind about lunch, then brunch is always there as the best compromise for you. The best part is you can drink, and no one would think it’s too early. 

Phoenix is filled with so many places you can have brunch, and their menus are bursting with a lot of goodies for your consumption. However, below are the 10 best brunch places in Phoenix, AZ, you can pop in at any of these locations, and you’re sure to have the best time.

1. The Breakfast Joynt

The Breakfast Joynt

This place is a well-known spot in the Valley of the sun. Apart from a robust breakfast menu, you can also get the best French toast you’ve ever had in Phoenix. This French toast is usually coated in cap’n crunch and even the best gravy available in the city for your enjoyment.

Their Swedish pancakes are also crispy at the edges and have an eggy center. Their eggs are also amazing; brunch is also fun at the Breakfast Joynt.

2. Fàme Caffee

Fàme Caffe

Occupying the second spot on our list of the best brunch places in Phoenix, Arizona is the Fame Caffee.  If you ask any Phoenician, you will come to realize that no other brunch place competes ahead of this brand. What’s unique about them?

It’s is another excellent place to get your brunch in Phoenix; the open-space café is great for meeting up with friends on Sunday and simply enjoying the nice weather. Their eggs are savory, and the French toast comes flavored with Chimayo pepper and an incredible pain perdu. Their available country vanilla-flavored bread is baked to perfection; you can’t help but be awed with every bite.

Every bite comes at a fair price because it wants to make you come back.

3. Morning Glory Café

This brunch spot is a favorite amongst Phoenix residents; it is always packed full for breakfast and lunch. Their patio setting is designed for you to sit and enjoy their fantastic muffins and incredible pastries.

Another meal to try out is their omelets; it is one of the best in the city. We also found the homemade granolas excellent; the best part is the ingredients are all fresh and get from the restaurant’s organic gardens.

4. The Herb Box

The Herb Box

The Herb Box is a great brunch destination in Phoenix and has different locations all over Phoenix for your convenience. They are quite famous for having one of the most creative cuisines, and you can find this on their brunch menu.

Their menu comprises of healthy meals like baby kale, green apple omelet, natural oatmeal, and more. If you’re not looking to eat healthily, you can also try out their red velvet pancakes and other yummy items that will make you drool.

5. 32 Shea

32 Shea

The little fact that this restaurant is located in a strip mall might make you think it’s not up to much, but do not be deceived. This spot is famous for offering affordable brunch options and for their sumptuous meals.

You can choose the drive-through option or eat inside the restaurant; customers can also choose to sit outside and simply relax on the patio while enjoying their meal. If you’re confused about where your breakfast journey should begin, you can try out the OMG sandwich or their flavored-muffins.

You can also try their eggs or any other thing on the menu; rest assured that you’d be impressed no matter your choice.

6. Matt’s Big Breakfast

If you’re looking for a popular spot in Phoenix, then you would love it at Matt’s Big Breakfast. They were featured on the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives TV show once because of their amazing waffles, rosemary potatoes, and bacon.

The restaurant is relatively small, and sometimes it gets infuriating when you have to wait a while for a table, but when you’re seated, and you bite into one of their delicacies, you’ll agree that it was all worth it.

They make use of fresh ingredients for their meals, and it is all handmade; maybe that’s the secret for the deliciousness of everything they make.

Overall, making Matt’s Big Breakfast your choice place is the best thing you can ever do at the time you badly need to have brunch in Phoenix. How do you want it served: hot, warm, cold, or at room temperature?

It doesn’t matter the size of your pocket, Matt’s Big Breakfast has something for everyone. You will have to visit them and appreciate the great service, fair price, and top-notch environment.

7. Postino

It may sound like a regular Postinor. No. this is a place to buy drugs for birth control. Postino’s is actually one of the best places to eat brunch in Phoenix. The spot has always been a valley favorite, but what really sealed the deal for them was their recent brunch addition. Their brunch menu is quite limited to serving you the best, and one of the best things you can order is the Ciabatta French Toast.

Many people come for the farm scramble, and it has been opined to be the best scramble in town. Another favorite is grilled focaccia and French coffee. You can decide to try out their signature mimosa and wash it down with lemonade. Sunday is for live music, so don’t miss out on it for the full Postino experience.

Are you on a lean budget? Don’t fidget or panic because Postino comes fair in price and service for foodies. You will be served the best brunch based on what your budget can afford.  

8. The Henry

Whatever the occasion, The Henry has a place for you. Everyone has fun at The Henry; it is a welcoming spot that offers an extensive menu filled with scrumptious meals. You can start with a carrot cake pancake, but you can try out the New Yorker if you’re feeling more adventurous.

If you love your meat, you would love their fried chicken; it is garnished with fried eggs and gravy to satisfy your cravings fully. For those looking to eat a bit healthier, The Henry also offers you a meal of Greek yogurt parfait, berries, and granola. You can enjoy your brunch while taking in the beautiful and classic décor of the place. 

9. Scramble

On the ninth spot is the Scramble bunch place. This is one of the sought-after places for brunches in Phoenix, Arizona, and settling for their services will be a great decision to make. But why would you opt for Scramble? A lot will make you do that. Let’s find out

 Scramble is a casual spot where you can hang out with family on a Sunday afternoon; you can even bring your kids as this place is kid-friendly. This place is popular because it sticks to its first come, first serve principle, so when you get there early, you’ll surely get your meal very quickly.

One of our favorites at this place is their incredible cinnamon rolls; it is delightful and gets even more delicious with every bite. However, the signature pizza ‘Brizzas’ is what you should go for if you’re looking for a memorable experience.

Price is not an issue when it comes to eating brunch at Scramble. This is because the place offers one of the best prices for all kinds of brunch in the length and breadth of Phoenix. This is why a lot of people are trooping in to get a plate of brunch.   

10. Snooze

Last but not least on our list of the best brunch places in Phoenix is Snooze. Snooze is another top brunch spot and for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind breakfast experience, then you would love it at the Snooze Eatery. Their brunch service runs from 6:30 am down to 2:30 pm every day, and you can relish the food in a quirky environment.

This brunch spot encourages you to customize your meal according to your mood. So whether you’re in a basic breakfast mood or a meal that offers more adventure, Snooze will hook you up. Don’t forget to dive into their cocktail menu too!

Do you want the biggest catch? Snooze bunches are offered at a fair price that makes you derive satisfaction from your money.

Final Thoughts

I think we can all attest that brunch is probably the best meal of the day, especially on weekends. Phoenix’s top brunch spots will take care of your every need and introduce you to mouthwatering dishes that will leave you as full as you possibly can be.

 If you opt for any of these brunch places in Phoenix, Arizona, you may come back and ask for more posts on this, especially on the best way to live a healthy life in Phoenix.  

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