10 Best Casual Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ
Best Casual Restaurants in Scottsdale
Restaurants Scottsdale

10 Best Casual Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

There is nothing you can’t find in Scottsdale: the best pools, the best gyms, and even amazing food. The vast number of restaurants in Scottsdale is mind-boggling. The different restaurants provide you with different atmospheres to suit your needs.

It’s not every time you want to dash out of a restaurant without taking time to chat about issues. Sometimes, all you care about is to be in a relaxed mood. As it is often said, there are formal days when you’re looking to eat at a high-end restaurant, and then there are casual days. Those are the days you simply want to catch a bite, relax, and enjoy the day.

For the days to whine down, this is the list of the 10 best casual restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ. These restaurants give you a calm atmosphere and still provide you with great food. Can you afford to miss the serenity of all the amazing casual restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona?

1. FnB Restaurant

FnB - Old Town Restaurants

As you wake up to the cool, cold winter, there is a feeling of fatigue all over your body. The urge to walk directly to the kitchen and prepare a small breakfast is lost. Where and how will you eat to relax after an excitingly stressful workout? Have you tried FnB Restaurant? What’s about it? FnB is also listed as one of the Best Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale.

This restaurant is a mix of elegant and casual; their ever-changing menu is created based on the ingredients supplied by local vendors. The fresh ingredients are chosen to create mouthwatering dishes for your consumption.

The idea is to make you feel right at home while offering you refined dishes. Their Arizona wine list is amazing and their butterscotch pudding is a desert you should totally try out. The homey atmosphere is why the FnB is a favorite among locals.

2. Alo Café

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to enjoy breakfast, then you should visit Alo Café. With a Euro-style them, this café is exactly what you need for a casual breakfast or lunch.

Their menu comprises dishes from all over the world, but that doesn’t leave out the classic American breakfast. If you just want to enjoy great coffee and French toast or pancakes, then you should pop in at the Alo Café.

Guess what? Despite the wide range of all-over-the-world food and cuisines, this incredible casual restaurant is suitable for both high-end and low-end foodies. You won’t regret choosing Alo café casual restaurant in Scottdale.  

3. Citizen Public House

When you’re looking for a place that reminds you of a mom-cooked meal, the Citizen Public House has the right ambiance for you. With their waffles and Amaro meatloaf, you’ll feel right at home as you enjoy your meal.

That’s not all. The Citizen Public House is open to low and high-end foodies, meaning there is something for everyone regardless of their budget. Plus, if you love to eat and also relax while chatting on the table, discuss businesses over some bottles of wine.   

Their generous meals and micro-brews are not to be missed out on. With a pub design and leather booths inside and outside, you can enjoy your meal in whatever setting you prefer. This casual restaurant is incredibly faithful to the old saying, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ There is a range of food and international cuisines that the Citizen Public House treats visitors to. 

4. Sel

If you love a restaurant that bubbles with life, excitement, and fun, Sel won’t disappoint you.  In fact, it is ranked as one of the best casual restaurants in Scottsdale with a wide range of local and foreign cuisines.

A small but elegant spot on Main Street, this restaurant is perfect for a casual lunch or breakfast. It is a favorite among local residents because of the friendly atmosphere the restaurant offers. It comes with a mix of tasty food and a serene atmosphere that makes your time memorable.

With a cozy dining room and outdoor seating on the patio when the weather is excellent, you can enjoy their delicacies. While the chef, Branden Levine, doesn’t push the limits, the meals can always be counted on to be tasty as Levine has a way with the dishes.

5. Diego Pops

If you’re looking for delicious tacos, then you’re at the right spot. The tacos are memorable and make you want to order more. Many people also attest to how unforgettable the appetizers are, especially when paired with one of their signature drinks.

This Mexican restaurant makes use of the most delicate Mexican spices to create delicacies that will make you book down your next visit.

If your choice is a place where you can stay and spend a reasonable amount of time with friends and family, Diego Pops is the right place to be. The atmosphere is so serene that you might want to take a nap after chatting over a bottle of wine.      

6. Farm and Craft

Your first time at Farm and Craft, you’re likely to be tossed away by the serenity of the environment. It is a home away from home, giving you reasons to want to stay longer than planned; you could even choose to take a nap.     

When it comes to the collection of food, you do not have to worry about anything because the Farm and Craft gets you covered. If you’re one of those who derive pleasure from eating breakfast by lunchtime still, you will love Farm and Craft. Breakfast is served till 3 pm at this spot.

The menu is made up of simple, healthy dishes and made with only fresh ingredients so that you don’t miss out on the flavors. Offering a casual setting, the restaurant offers you great food and a chance to be part of a community.

Whether you want it local or foreign, this casual restaurant boasts a wide variety of cuisines from local people in Scottsdale or the Arizonans. Besides, the restaurant also produces foreign breakfast and lunch.

7. La Fonda Del Sol

La Donda Del Sol - Scottsdale

Do you remember ‘Del Sol’ the popular and world’s leading brand of clothing? La Fonda Del Sol is an affiliate of that great brand. But here, we are talking about a place you can eat, relax, and customize as a home. 

This particular restaurant is a favorite amongst local restaurants; this is probably because of the fantastic food and the welcoming reception you receive when you step into the restaurant. Unlike other formal restaurants that pick a seat for you, this casual restaurant gives you the liberty to sit wherever is suitable for you.

The meals are modest but delicious, and you shouldn’t miss out on the carnitas burrito, which are simply amazing. Excellent food, welcoming ambiance, and a casual setting, what more do you need?

Truth be told, the La Fonda Del Sol is more than a casual restaurant; it offers lodging and accommodation in a conducive atmosphere where you can have your lunch and also take some nap to refresh and cool off the hot brain. 

8. De Falco Italian Deli and Grocery

Italian in Scottsdale

There is never enough time to eat at Defalco; their ever-changing menu never falls below expectations. Everything on the menu is excellent, and that includes the pizza; the sandwich is made based on your bread preference, and the fresh mozzarella used for the pizza is simply irresistible.

This restaurant is so casual that a grocery store is available where you can pick some groceries while you eat your food. They always have real Italian spices, and their freshly baked bread is a top recommendation.

9. Tacos Jalisco

Jalisco Tacos in Scottsdale

The Tacos Jalisco restaurant is not fancy at all; it is a cozy restaurant in Scottsdale that serves you good food made by experienced cooks. If you’re looking for fluffy rice, burritos, creamy beans, tortas, enchiladas, and other take-outs, this is the sport for it. They are your destination for comfort food at all times, and the service is high-speed for times when you just want to dash in for a quick lunch or a lazy night when you wish to order in. This is the place to be to ease off the worries of breakfasting, brunching and lunching.  

10. Karsen’s Grill

This is a neighborhood favorite and is preferred for its casual and friendly ambiance. If you’re searching for a hearty lunch, dinner, or breakfast, Karsen’s Grill will be there to take your orders. Their menu is packed with a lot of comfort food that we love, like the quesadillas, hot wings, and even the classic Reuben.

The Cuban sandwich stands out is the sweet potato fries and the Cuban sandwich. If you simply want to grab a cold drink after work or after watching a game, they’re there to welcome you with open, friendly arms.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you want to chill; these 10 best casual restaurants are the best places to do just that. With awesome food, a relaxing atmosphere, and friendly service, you can sit back and enjoy your day or evening. The prices are reasonable, and the dishes unforgettable.

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