10 Best Donut Shops in Phoenix, AZ
Best Donut Phoenix

10 Best Donut Shops in Phoenix, AZ

For those who are familiar with Arizona, one thing is never missing: the donut. This is a kind of snack that sparks tourist and local interest. It can sustain your energy drive all day and offer you a great sleep all night.

If you love doughnuts, then you know there are different kinds. There are the normal ones, and then there are those that make you want to eat up the whole pack. These are the sugary, deeply fried doughnuts with different toppings and stuffing.

 There are several shops that you can get doughnuts but if you want the best of these sweet rings, these 10 best donuts shops in Phoenix, AZ, are your best bets.

The shops mentioned below serve the best treats you can find, and in different flavors, it’s easy to get hooked on these 10 best donuts shops in Phoenix, AZ. Curious already? Good, let’s get started.

1. Karl’s Quality Bakery

Best Donut Phoenix

Starting our list of the best donut shops in Phoenix, Arizona, is Karl’s Quality Bakery. Tagged donuts’ fan base, Karl has carved a name for itself in every respect in this area.

If you’re looking for an awesome donut, then you should ty the Kronuts at Karl’s quality bakery. The croissant donuts are deeply fried and flavored with lemon zest and basil. Every single one always comes out as a masterpiece. 

Inside the donuts are always a whipped cream combo; every bite you take is just glorious. You can decide to open it up and lick up the feelings or eat it whole in a sandwich style. Whichever way you choose to enjoy this yummy treat, you are bound to enjoy yourself fully.

2. The Original Rainbow Donuts

Best Donut Phoenix (1)

This is not the Rainbow Donuts like many people usually confuse them with; this donut shop is a family-owned business, and their goal is to make the finest donuts you could get in the Valley of the sun. 

Every single topping, batter, dough, and filling is designed to satisfy whatever craving you have. Their vast selection of donuts is filled with fruit, custard, and cream. With a menu filled with fritters, croissants, and so many more, your sweet cravings will be fully satisfied. Don’t miss out on the blueberry powdered donut or the standard glazed donut; you will not be disappointed.

3. Lucky Donuts

When you just look at this donut shop, your first thought would be that they sell the convenience store kind of donuts. This is because it is situated inside a strip mall and sells donuts in pink boxes, but you’re in for a surprise with this donut spot. 

Their signature donut is the rattlesnakes; everything about this sugary treat is perfect from the dipping to the perfect sprinkles. That’s not all Lucky Donuts have got for you, their red velvet will get you hooked to this donut shop; it is so delicious that you’ll be ordering a box to go in no time.

4. Donut Parlor

Best Donut Phoenix (2)

We don’t have a particular favorite at the Donut Parlor; everything here is fried in perfection. These place puts every donut shop to shame with their vast selection of sweet goodness. The dough for the donut is not made like the others but allowed to rise four times to give you the best-flavored donuts you can get. 

t the Donut Parlor, you will find it challenging to pick just one where there are so many treats to choose from, and the best part is the donuts are very affordable.

5. Welcome Chicken and Donuts

If you’re looking for creativity, you’ll find it at the Welcome Chicken and Donuts. With a daily selection of treats and donuts with different flavors, you’re bound to become a regular at this spot. Their apple fritters are not to be missed out on, but the real showstopper of this donut shop is their chocolate rose pistachio. 

The deep chocolate glazing and sprinkles of rose-flavored meringue are why we can’t get enough of them. Some people come for the chicken and stay for the donuts, and some just go and find themselves loving both.

6. Bosa Donuts

The name Bosa ordinarily rings a bell in the hearts of those die-hard fans of donuts. Bosa Donuts is a favorite in the Valley of the sun for so many sweet reasons. Their donuts are expertly fried, and the flavors will take your breath away. Their cakes are just as impressive and crispy; they are also moist, and the glazing will make you become a fan. 

They offer 24-hour drive-through, and every flavor is so good, you’ll find it hard to make up your mind on your favorite. We love the buttermilk donut, but the apple fritter is just as amazing as you can guess; their plain donuts and coconut crumb donuts are also very nice. See? It’s hard to decide with this donut shop.

7. Dutch Donut Factory

Phoenix has no alternative to the Dutch Donut factory. How? This is one of the very few shops to sit, enjoy, and chat over traditional donuts. If you’re not in for all the creativity and just enjoy your basic donut, but at its very best, then you will love the Dutch Donut Factory. 

One of their masterpieces is the Maple bar donut, but it doesn’t surpass the chocolate crumb doughnuts. However, the apple fritters are crunchy and devastatingly delicious. Don’t miss out on the toasted coconut either; it’s the right combination of flavor and toppings.

Do you get worried about the cost in case you want to buy takeaways for kids, colleagues, or friends? You won’t have to break the bank because Dutch donut Factory offers donuts at a fair price.  

8. The Local Donut

It’s never too late or absurd to go tell your poor donut joint that ‘enough is enough’. ‘Oh, sorry man, I don’t like your joint anymore.’ This is only possible if you have found the Local Donut. This is one of the best donut shops in Phoenix. This is not an unfamiliar brand for those who are veteran donut fans.

If you’re looking for wild donuts, the local donut has a vast selection for you. Their raised donuts are incredible but what really hits the spot is the cake doughnuts. If you love peach pie, then their peach pie doughnuts will do the job for you. One other fun donut this donut shop offers is the s’mores donuts and the caramel donuts. Have you tasted that before? Try the Local Donut.

The selections are so vast that we can’t simply decide which is best; try out the pineapple fluff if you want a crazy doughnut.

Don’t worry about how you’ll pay because the Local Donut offers the best price. You can have a dine-in as well as takeaways for your friends and kids. The taste will drive them here on your next visit.

9. Sugar and Spice Bakery

This place is sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s right, every flavor of donuts available at this bakery carries the sight blend of sugar and sass. Their donuts are usually borne out of creativity and careful details; the blueberry donut is traditional but offers the best flavor for your consumption. 

Their maple cream is also very tasty and to be savored with every bite. The signature donut, however, is their apple pie donut; it is everything sugar and spice.

This is one of the best shops to eat a modestly sugared donut that won’t fatten up your body or kill your taste bud. The joint is also magnanimous with the price to customers.  

10. Beignet Babe

Last but not least on our list of the best donut shops in Phoenix is Beignet Babe. It’s hard really not want to visit beignet Babe for the best donut varieties and flavors in Phoenix. After all, we all know how rare beignets are; amazing and relatively uncommon.

It is only normal that when you do find them, you slowly savor every bit. This mobile bakery is always found at different shops across town and the farmer markets. 

They also deliver so you can make orders or pick up your orders. The beignets they make are just incredible. The various fillings available are why we can’t stop going back; the popular fillings, however, are the Nutella, lemon, and the Dulce de leche fillings. 

Their signature beignet, however, will always be the Beignet Babe’s crullers; they are not to be missed out on. Look at the Beignet Babe’s price list, you will marvel at what gift they are offering as sales. 

Final Thoughts

We love our donuts at the Valley of the sun, so it’s only normal that the best donuts be found in the city. With different fillings and toppings at your disposal, these 10 best donuts to get in Phoenix, AZ, are simply the best you can find anywhere. You won’t go wrong picking any of these guys on our list here. These joints are well-managed by certified nutritionists who understand the need to be health- and nutrition-conscious. Simply saying, they’ll serve you well.

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