10 Best Ice Cream Places in Phoenix, AZ
Best Ice Cream Places in Phoenix (2)

10 Best Ice Cream Places in Phoenix, AZ

You know how hot the Valley of the Sun can get, so it’s only normal that we don’t joke with ice-cream. The right scoop of ice-cream or sundae will put you in the right mood and make your sunny day much better.

The number of places you can ice-cream in the city is vast, but if you’re looking for the best places to get your favorite frozen sweet treat, then these 10 best ice cream places will make the search much easier for you. All you’re left with is deciding your favorite, or you’ll be hooked on all of them.

So, if, until now, you get mixed up and can’t figure out which of the ice cream places you can visit in Phoenix, Arizona, to get the best treat, let’s take a walk around Phoenix. It’s worth all the workouts and sweat.

1. Sweet Republic

Best Ice Cream Places in Phoenix

First off, there is no debate about having Sweet Republic atop the list of the best ice cream places in Phoenix. It boasts a lot of features that will make listing it outside the top 5 a sort of rebellion. Sounds too exaggerated, right? Let’s find out.

If you’re looking for the best ice-cream spot in Phoenix, Sweet Republic will always top the list. The ice creams found at this spot shows off the culinary art of Jan Wichayanuparp, who is one of the owners.

The Sweet Republic is very concerned about the health and nutritional intake of its customers and so would ditch synthetics for nature in the preparation of its different flavors of ice cream. The processes are not only unadulterated; the ingredients used in making Sweet Republic ice creams are natural and obtained from the farmer’s market.

With creativity at work, this place makes one of the best-flavored ice creams you can get anywhere. Their ever-changing menu usually consists of Belgian chocolate, breakfast cookie, Madagascar vanilla, and so many incredible flavors.

Don’t get it twisted, despite the high-quality content, rich natural ingredients, and thorough and sophisticated processes of preparation, Sweet republic ice creams are offered at a fair price, for locals and tourists.  

2. Melt Ice Cream

You can’t afford to miss out on the hunger-spiking ice creams from Melt Ice Cream. This is the right place and one of the best ice cream places to visit when you need to relax, enjoy, and eat healthy ice cream.

This ice cream spot provides you with frozen delights at any time of the day. With flavors like vanilla bean, cookie monster, chocolate and so many more gracing their menu, you’re bound to want a second scoop. If you genuinely want to be wowed, try out rumchata or habanero white chocolate swirl.

3. Rewind

Best Ice Cream Places in Phoenix (1)

Rewind is in a world of its own and will have lesser competitors for space in the top 5 ice cream locations in Phoenix. If you’re looking for an ice cream spot to rewind time to when you were a kid; Rewind will help you do just that. Whatever kind of cereal you want is blended with your chosen ice cream to create customized ice cream for you.

Different flavors are available at Rewind for your consumption like chocolate, vegan coconut, and vanilla. The best part is that if you cannot decide which cereal you prefer, they offer a blend of cereals so you can enjoy both kinds of cereal at the same time while savoring your ice cream.

What about the price of ice cream? Never mind, because Rewind doesn’t demand for too much nor offers its ice cream at a price too crazy for customers. It’s a fair deal here.

4. Churn

On a hot day, the best treat you can get is freshly churned ice cream. It is bound to bring back sweet memories as you enjoy your frozen treat. They offer different flavors in different seasons, and their ingredients are always fresh and obtained from the local market.

They are creative with their ice cream and can build you an ice cream sandwich on top of homemade cookies. However, don’t forget to try the Madagascar flavored ice cream when you visit. Homemade cookies and delightful ice cream are what you get at Churn.

No list of the best ice cream places is ever complete without a mention of Churn; it brags a fair price, a wide variety of ice cream flavors, a cool and serene environment, natural ingredients, and an undiluted process, name it.  

5. Novel Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a novel spot to get an ice cream beyond the ordinary, you will find Novel a perfect fit. Located in downtown Phoenix, this spot is famous for its waffles and donuts that are stuffed with ice cream.

Sounds sumptuous, right? Waffles and donuts are served warm with the highly-flavored ice cream and served on it, giving you the perfect blend of hot and frozen. The menu is limited but filled with unique flavors; try out the Leslie Knope if you want to be awed.

The best part is the Novel Ice cream allows you to enjoy your ice cream sandwich outside on the patio if the weather is nice.

Novel Ice Cream is simply irresistible!

6. MacAlpine’s

If you want to step back in time to the 60s, then you would love it at MacAlpine’s. Their milkshakes, ice cream sodas, and egg creams will take you back in time to the times of the pink ladies.

There is an available soda fountain to complete the old-time experience; it’s clear why Phoenix residents love this place. Amongst their extensive menu is the velvet Elvis, the simple ice cream soda, the Ol’ fashioned and so many others that would make you feel like you’ve gone to heaven when tasted.

Here is the truth that will burst your bubble: a list of the best ice cream places in Phoenix without MacAlpine’s is amazingly incomplete. Take it or leave it.

7. Mary Coyle Ol’ Fashion Ice Cream

If your picture of an ice cream place in Phoenix is one that features all the different types of ice cream flavors in the US, you wouldn’t have made a wrong choice with Mary Coyle Ol’ Fashion Ice cream. Does the name sound like a model house? It’s not. It’s one of the best places in Phoenix to eat or drink ice cream.

Since it opened in 1951, Mary Coyle has been serving delicious treats to the residents of Phoenix. Whatever treat you’re looking for can be found in this ice cream parlor, and that includes milkshakes, ice cream scoops, chocolate chip ice cream, cookie sandwiches, burgundy cherry ice cream, and several others.

 Their signature ice cream would be the Grand Canyon; it is bound to satisfy whatever sweet craving you have fully. Eating ice cream with flair, under natural airflow and serene environment should be your desire. This place offers all you need to make your evening worthwhile. 

8. Nami

Whether you’re a vegan or just lactose intolerant, there’s ice cream for you at Nami. They believe everyone should be able to enjoy ice cream; which is why their menu comprises an organic ice cream called the tSofttServe.

These are tSoynamis made from a blend of organic graham crackers, cap n crunch, organic chocolate, strawberries and several others. If you’re looking for a fruitier tSoynami, you can always get tSofttServe made with banana, mango, and many other fruits.

9. Scooptular

Three things essentially distinguish an ice cream place: brand identity, delivery, and customers’ feedback. The latter two are atop the three, and Scooptular makes a name for itself in all three.

If what you’re looking for is a little cheerful ice cream spot, then you might just love Scooptular with their extensive list of fascinating flavors. Scooptular offers you different flavors of ice cream like the taro, citrus cream cheese, the red velvet cake, and many more.

But if you’re looking for something very different, you should try out their Playdough which is a blend of three colors of ice cream with intriguing flavors. Apart from ice cream, they sell other sweet treats like an ice cream cake, milkshake, sundaes and several others.

10. Fatty Daddy’s

Last but not the least guy on our list of the best ice cream places in Phoenix is Fatty Daddy’s. Fatty Daddy just might make you gain some pounds if you don’t watch out; this spot has everything you’re looking for but what you should look out for is the Fatty Daddy cookie cup.

This sweet treat is created from ice cream from a flavor you prefer and topped with a toasted marshmallow and a macaron. However, you can first start out with the basic ice cream cones which can be filled with an ice cream flavor of your choice. 

Final Thoughts

These 10 best ice cream places in Phoenix, Arizona, are simply the place to go when you need a sweet fix, or you’re looking to relax on a summer evening. These places have different amazing flavors and delights on their extensive menu. The best tip you can get is to go hungry, or you might end up overfeeding. 

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