11 Best Interior Designers in Scottsdale & Phoenix
Best Interior Designers in Scottsdale and Phoenix
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11 Best Interior Designers in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Scottsdale, Arizona, has many inspirational designs for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for new ideas for a new home or you’re looking to redesign your space, Scottsdale Arizona has enough Interior designers to keep you busy.

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your home, then we’ve got the 10 best interior designers in Scottsdale for you. These designers each have their own design approach, but the result is always breathtaking.

One sure thing is that all these interior designers have mastered the art of decorations and will always give you your dream home design. Check them out and find out which fits your bill.

1. Living with Lolo

Living With Lolo in Scottsdale Interior Designers

Do you long to know why this brand is atop the list of our best interior designers in Scottsdale, Arizona? The reasons are clear. Don’t forget, Scottsdale’s shopping malls, plazas, restaurants, event centers, and lots more are known for their incredible love for fashion, niceties, and interior fine-tunes.    

This interior design firm is based in Scottsdale; Living with Lolo takes your passion and makes it into a luxurious design just for you. Lauren, the founder and fondly known as Lolo, is very vast in her design experience.

If you’re looking for mid-century modern design, she is the right fit. She also does modern contemporary designs and modern conventional design. Her works are always an elegant work of art that combines fun and class to create perfection.

2. Iconic Design + Build

Best Interior Designers Scottsdale

At Iconic Design + Build, we understand that every design tells a story – a story about your lifestyle, your history, your ambitions, and the long-term vision for your space. With a clean, modern, and organic style that subtly incorporates vintage and Scandinavian designs, our team always seeks to seamlessly blend form and function. When starting a new project, we work closely with each client to understand their unique goals and challenges. Iconic Design + Build is dedicated to creating the most beautiful and functional spaces, with fresh, modern details that transcend time.

Kaitlyn was introduced to design and architecture at a young age after her family moved to Elham, England, a small village outside of London. The experience of living abroad left her inspired by the character and history of European architecture, leading her to incorporate elements of classic style into her contemporary designs.   

3. Est Est Interior Designs

Est Est Inc Designers - Scottsdale

This interior decoration firm brings together a group of talented interior designers who stylishly design spaces to just wow you. They pay special attention to every design they carry out and always offer quality designs, making every design shine bright. Whether it is your living room, event center, or shopping malls, the Est Est Interior Designs will make your indoor spaces beautiful, safe, and functional, with all the practicality. 

While they are done for their fantastic design on residences and companies, they also provide their purchasing services. Their long-lasting connection with various manufacturers is what keeps its purchasing power going strong.

The amazing service delivery of the Est Est Interior Designs comes at an affordable cost.

4. ModaScapes Interior Designs

ModaScapes Interior Design - Scottsdale

Occupying the third position on our list of best interior designers in Scottsdale is the ModaScapes Interior Design. This is a brand that truly lives for what interior design and decor is about.

Whether you want a unique design for your residence or home staging, these interior designers have impressive designs to wow you. Their principles are built on harmony and balance, and they create traditional, luxurious designs with a bit of class.

They offer Scottsdale residents their full services, which include remodeling, new construction, kitchen modeling, baths, and several other services. They also extend their services past home designs to office designs.

5. Janet Brooks Design

Janet Brooks Design

Perhaps you have not been into an interior design studio if you are not familiar with one of the most popular and sought-after names in the interior design industry. Janet Brooks Designs is making our list for good reason.

Janet Brooks grew up in Illinois but is omnipresent due to her creative interior design. This has been a great inspiration in her many designs. She is a luxury home interior designer and has won many awards over the years for her design.

There will be no need to settle for less than you want with Janet Brooks, and she always offers the best designs you can find. This is why she is popular in Scottsdale and has one of the city’s best interior design firms. Her landscape works are truly unique, and she stays professional at all times.

6. La Maison Interiors

LaMaison - Interior Design in Scottsdale

If you want sophisticated modern design, then La Maison Interiors has the sleek touch you need. Since its establishment in 2011, this interior design firm has offered its full services to the public.

Its specialization lies in model homes, high-rise residences, hospitality projects, and the like. If you want an arty touch to your design, you’ll find La Maison Interiors perfect. Their designs have turned many homes into breathtaking spaces.

Because of their excellent and reasonably priced services, La Masion Interior has taken the interior design market in Scottsdale. Frankly, it is hard for any shrewd client who desires quality interior design at an affordable service not to embrace the fantastic offer coming from Lai Maison Interiors.

7. Jackie Funkhouser Interior Design Group

ackie Funkhouser Interior Design Group

Run by Jack Funkhouser, this interior design brand is famous for being one of the top best interior designers available in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sometimes, you don’t have a style in mind, and you’re looking for an interior designer to find you something that fits. Jackie Funkhouser from Scottsdale Interior design Group will undoubtedly help you out with that.

She is an interior designer who came to Scottsdale with a new vibrant narrative. Her designs are eye-catching, and she always helps clients find the right design that fits their taste. She will turn your home around and make it just perfect for you.

The designer’s studio is open to service to execute all aspects and categories of interior creative design.

8. Lauren Kehoe Designs

Laura Kehoe Design in Scottsdale

Next up on our list of the best interior designers in Scottsdale, Arizona is the Lauren Kheo Designs, which is there for your needs. This designer combines top-quality materials with matching colors and equips your spaces with shining light.

This interior design is based in Scottsdale and founded by Lauren Kehoe offers homey-rustic designs that urge you to simply curl up beneath the fireplace and treat yourself to a good novel.

She is mostly known for her fantastic kid room designs. If you’re looking to redesign your home to give you a homey feel or you want to design a kid bedroom in a practical manner, then Lauren Kehoe is prepared to offer her services.

With all the great services Lauren Kehoe Designs offers, no other brand beats it when it comes to the cost of their services.  

9. Interiors Remembered Inc.

Interiors Remembered - Scottsdale Designers

With over 25 years of being in the industry, Interiors Remembered Inc. remains one of the best interior designers in the southeastern part of Arizona. Looking for a designer who will turn a commercial space into a home for you?

So, your best bet is Interiors Remembered. With their interior decorator’s team and headed by Athena Vigil, this interior design firm aims to help improve how you feel, think, and function in your home.

They work with an incredible color mix, using quality materials to bring about a beautiful and elegant closet and interior spaces. The brand specializes in most areas of interior design, which include architectural elements, accessories, furnishings, and textiles.

They are known for implementing very lofty and creative designs. Besides, they will provide clients with the best remodel design and creativity they want. They also offer help packages which will help you learn how to design yourself. They are committed to helping you create a home you will always love.

10. Rethink Interiors

ReThinkInteriorsAndLifestyles Interior Design

As the name implies, you truly have to give your interior design work a second thought before you assign it. This is one of the right places to be when it comes to a quality interior design job. In terms of color, material, and lighting mix, Rethink Interiors is there to help you carve a niche for yourself. Their design studio is open for service 8 hours a day (9 am – 5 pm) and five days a week (Monday-Friday).

This interior design firm has vast experience in renovations, home staging, and residential designs. Staged homes are known to sell more, so these interior designers help you get the best out of your investment. However, they are experienced in whatever kind of design and pay special attention to detail. Their stylish designs are why they are loved by many.

11. Annie R

If you’re looking for a mix of the traditional with the modern in your interior design, then you should contact Annie. With beautiful and functional designs to offer, Annie wows every time. She appreciates farmhouse styles and luxurious designs and also turns spaces into stunning, cozy homes.

Annie is an interior designer who has a passion for mixing old and new designs into an artful interior that makes your home come right to life. Annie’s magical designs are why she makes the list of 10 best interior designers in Scottsdale, AZ.

The icing on the cake is the affordability of the services of the Annie. You won’t have to break the bank before you get the best services from Annie R.   

Final Thoughts

Whatever your idea is or if you don’t even have an idea of what you want, these 10 best interior designers in Scottsdale, AZ, will provide you with the perfect designs for you. They can turn a dull, vacant space into a vibrant, elegant home. Whether you’re redesigning your office or your home, they will give you the very best; and probably surpass your imagination.

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