10 Best Luxury Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ
Best Luxury Apartments in Scottsdale
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10 Best Luxury Apartments in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is known for having some of the most affordable homes in the country. However, with the influx of luxurious homes in the city, prices have risen and so have the comfort offered. Whether you’re just looking to change apartments or you’re new to the town, you will need an apartment that gives you the luxury you’re looking for.

While it is always advisable to go for a home your budget can afford, acquiring or renting luxury apartments in Scottsdale, AZ won’t make you break the bank. The ‘luxury’ in luxury apartments also means comfort, reasonable price, top-quality, and safety.

There are many apartments in this city, but we’ve put a list of the 10 best luxury apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona, for you to give you a closer look and help you make your choice faster. Read on to find the home for you in Scottsdale.

1. Optima Kierland Apartments

Optima Kierland APartments in Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a breathtaking oasis in North Scottsdale to call home, then Optima Kierland Apartment has an apartment in your name. Surrounded by the desert, these luxury apartments truly give you the luxury and all the comfort you need.

The towers of Optima Kierland are indeed a magnificent sight, and every detail was meticulously added to provide you with a uniquely designed and elegant place to call home.  After all, there is no point in having an apartment you cannot be proud of.

With several amenities at your disposal and many available outdoor activities to partake in; you’ll definitely enjoy coming home every day. The view from the apartment windows is spectacular and is one of the reasons why this apartment is one of the best luxury apartments in Scottsdale.

2. Kota North Scottsdale

Kota North Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a contemporary styled home that still offers you all the comfort you need, then you should totally check out Kota North Scottsdale. This apartment lets you become a part of a close-knit community while still staying connected to nature. The desert landscaping is gorgeous, and you get a view of the panoramic mountains. The beautiful terraces and walk-in closets will help you make up your mind.

The amenities offered are vast and include two parks, spas, resort-style pools, fitness centers, a spa to get pampered, and many more exciting amenities. There are also sports courts for when you just need to chill and have fun.

Don’t be scared of being cut off from the city as this apartment gives you access to the city and some of the best restaurants and shopping malls. The best part is you can bring your pet along; there’s a home for them too.

The beauty of it all is that this apartment is offered at a price that is affordable and will fit medium and high-end earners.

3. The Core

The Core Scottsdale Apartments

The Core apartments truly achieve luxury at the peak; it is a high-end living experience that you get. Convenience is what they’re all about; it’s a home you will look forward to returning to after a busy day at work. Their luxury studios and their different apartments blend sophistication with elegance to give you a cozy, lovely home. 

With your private patio where you can just sit and enjoy lovely weather and quartz countertop, your lifestyle is undoubtedly elevated to the best there is. The rooms are designed to be airy in order to give you all the space you want and the amenities are vast. With pools, parks, and a fitness center, every day is a vacation at The Core.

Overall, you won’t have to break the bank to acquire or rent any of the apartments at The Core. Be pounds wise and penny foolish when deciding on which luxury home to buy.  

4. Desert Parks Vista

Desert Parks Vista Apartments

If you want to shelter your family under a conducive and high-taste home, renting Desert Parks Vista is the ideal thing to do. This luxurious apartment was voted the Best Luxury Apartment Community once, and when you visit, it will be easy to see why. Desert Parks Vista is a tight-knitted community that offers you spacious apartments which features a private patio, a washer and dryer just for you, so you don’t have to share. There is also a yoga studio, a social lounge to connect with others, and a swimming pool for when you need to take a relaxing swim.

The best part is your pets are sure also to love it here, and there is a pet salon to take care of their needs too. Whatever type of bedroom apartment you’re looking for, they can offer it, and if you’re looking for a studio, then you’re still in luck with Desert Parks Vista.

5. Parson Villa

Parson Villa

The Parson Villa recently renovated their apartments so that you can always have the best. They also ensure you get the best designs and services as well as all the amenities you need. With a cleaning staff to take care of your rooms and a concierge to attend to your needs, this villa is simply the best around. They also make sure that whatever special requests their tenants put in are met immediately.

Your satisfaction is their concern which is why the swimming pools, social lounge, recreational center and other amenities were put in place for your utmost comfort. At Parson Villa, extreme comfort meets with a reasonable price.

6. The Palladium

Ordinary is not a word one would use to describe the Palladium. It is right at the center of Old Town Scottsdale, so you are bound to have access to all the top spots the town has to offer you. The apartments are extraordinary in every way, and all the bedroom apartments offer you all the luxury you need, and then more. 

With an excellent view for your delight, spacious rooms, private balconies, swimming pools, fitness centers, and several other amenities at your disposal, you would truly enjoy living in this apartment community. What’s more? You will find a family in their close community.

7. The Standard

The Standard sets a standard for luxury in Scottsdale and beyond. It gives you a laid back home to return to every day. Suppose you’re looking for a classy apartment that blends mid-century designs with contemporary flairs while offering you all the amenities you need.

In that case, The Standard might just be the perfect apartment for you. Very few apartment communities have been able to meet the new standard set by The Standard in Scottsdale.

This apartment community offers you a pool that comes with cabanas, a rooftop terrace for romantic nights, and a social lounge to interact and build connections. Even your pets get a spa where they can get pampered at any time.

8. Optima Sonoran Village

If you’ve always looked for an apartment that allows you to have a personal retreat while still staying connected to the vibrant city, then I have a place just for you. The Optima Sonoran Village is simply unique as it gives you a luxurious, serene apartment while also giving you access to all the best places in the city.

The incredible landscaping, gorgeous views, spacious spaces, and several luxurious amenities, fitness center, and many others allow you to have the best home ever.

9. MZ Scottsdale

If you want a stunning home that is also smart, then you would love it at MZ Scottsdale. This apartment was designed with excellent attention to detail and a kitchen that makes you just want to eat every time. This apartment also offers you outdoor space to enjoy when the weather is excellent and all the smart technology to make you feel comfortable truly.

A luxurious lifestyle is what you get in this apartment community and access to all the best boutiques, markets, art and entertainment in the city. Amenities in these apartment communities are vast, and your pets also get to live a luxurious lifestyle here.

10. The Stetson

In terms of rankings, The Stetson comes atop many of the apartments on our list of the best luxury apartments in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since its opening in 2015, this luxurious apartment has been offering all the comforts to its tenants. This apartment community was designed with every detail put in place to ensure you enjoy every minute you spend in your new home.

With spacious, airy rooms and amenities like a poker room, indoor and outdoor pools for your relaxation, fireplaces to keep you warm and a game lounge, this apartment offers you the highest luxury you can get and all at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

As long as you are in the market for luxury, these apartments are there to give you all the luxury you need. From great views to strategic locations to all the amenities you need, these apartments give luxury a whole new definition. Cris’s Cleaning Services and other cleaning services offer services to places like this.

Just as you’re enjoying luxury, your pets get to enjoy just like you as some of these apartments have pet parks where you can walk your pets. Scottsdale has a home for everyone and one of the 10 best luxury apartments in Scottsdale, AZ, is yours.

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