10 Best Mexican Food Places in Scottsdale, AZ
Best Mexican Food Places in Scottsdale
Restaurants Scottsdale

10 Best Mexican Food Places in Scottsdale, AZ

Since Arizona shares boundaries with Mexico, it comes as no surprise that Mexican dishes can easily be gotten in the city. However, it can be tough to find traditional Mexican food restaurants that serve great Mexican food. With the vast cuisine offered by Mexico, it is important to truly savor the taste and quality of real Mexican food.

The lover of Mexican cuisine must be careful not to visit any food place because not all that glitters is gold. To avoid eating junks and unsavory Mexican food, we have compiled the list of the best Mexican food places in Scottsdale.

Below is a list that highlights the 10 best Mexican food places in Scottsdale, Arizona, try them out, and you’re bound to keep going back for more. Never forget that every good food comes at a price.

1. The Spotted Donkey Cantina

Spotted Donkey - Best Mexican Food Scottsdale

First on our list of the best Mexican food places is the Spotted Donkey Cantina. This Mexican restaurant has earned a name as the best place to go for genuine Mexican cuisine. The Spotted Donkey Cantina offers a refreshing dining experience along with their excellent frozen margaritas.

This restaurant captures the traditional Mexican food and mixes it up with a modern touch. Whether you’re looking to dine formally or casually, this first-rate restaurant has a meal and the right setting for you. The menu prices at the Spotted Donkey Cantina are not outrageous.

2. Palo Verde at The Boulders

Palo Verde - Scottsdale Mexican Food

If you want to have dinner under the stars, then you should drop in at the Palo Verde. With Mexican inspired meals and even new delicious dishes like the jalapeno tartar and greenhorn relish, the old west cherry peppers and green onion or the Mesquite Smoked or the Grilled Veal Chops with creamy huitlacoche rice and so many more, you wouldn’t want to leave.

If you’re hoping for a lovely evening, then the view of the duck pond and the lovely rock landscape might make all the difference in the world.

3. Jalapeno Inferno

Jalapeno Inferno - Scottsdale Mexican Food

If you’re looking for the best chip and salsa around town, then you should visit Jalapeno Inferno. Their flour chips are unlike any other, and the desire for more never goes away. Their salsa is so good; you just might be ordering a second plate. The rest of the menu is just as impressive, and the serene atmosphere makes you want to stay on. They are awesome as your fix for Mexican food at any time.

4. SOL Mexican Cocina | Scottsdale

SOL Mexican Food - Scottsdale

SOL Mexican Cocina | Scottsdale cannot covet, but to be coveted. This is the right place to have all the wide range of cuisines you have missed in your native Mexico City. This food place serves both traditional and modern food, including Enchiladas, Guacamole, Tamales, and others.

On a patio that is convenient in all weather and allows you to enjoy the sunlight, this Mexican restaurant invites you to put your spin on and enjoy their signature Mexican margarita.

Offering live entertainment, you’re bound to enjoy their exceptional dishes and have fun at the same time. Their wide space is also ideal for whatever event you want to hold, and with the built-in bar, you’re bound to enjoy yourself fully. Fun tip: Don’t miss out on Taco and Tequila Tuesday.

Apart from the lively and buzzing atmosphere, the SOL becomes your go-to place because they offer their food at reasonable prices. But it is not too much to pay the price for one’s favorite food. Isn’t it?  

5. Juan Jaime’s

Juan Mexican Food Scottsdale

The idea of this restaurant came from the popular taco carts that were always lining Mexican streets. The goal is to create a space where the finest things are offered for your enjoyment, and this goal is achieved through the creative dishes lined up in their menu.

Using only the best ingredients, the taste of their dishes transports you to heaven and back. They also have a salsa bar that allows you to dress your tacos to your preference and a full bar with only the best tequila and beverages.

You won’t regret choosing Juan Jaime’s because their service reflects the excellence and character for which the restaurant’s namesake and popular retired Dominican baseball pitcher, Juan Jamie Hernandez, was known in his days at Atlanta Braves.

Overall, you don’t have to worry about the cost of your favorite meal because the restaurant offers a relatively cheap menu price that will fit your budget. But is there any amount too much to splash on nutritious food?

6. Salt & Lime Modern Mexican Grill

Best Mexican Food Scottsdale

Looking for a restaurant that holds a light up to traditional Mexican dishes, Salt and Lime Mexican Grill will make you feel like you’re right in Mexico. You can choose to enjoy your meals inside or on the contemporary patio adorned with a stylish interior and an indoor and outdoor setting if the weather is right. The patio seating arrangement is magnificently built to showcase modern Mexican food fare.  

Don’t forget to try out their signature margarita, which goes quite well with their specialty taco. The best way to end the day would be to spend the evening at Mexican Grill savoring their wine alongside taco with pork belly. The food place features both dine-in, takeaway, and a no-contact delivery.

Even though you shouldn’t look at the cost when it comes to eating nourishing food, the Salt & Lime Modern Mexican Grill offers service at a price that is budget-friendly.

7. La Hacienda

Scottsdale Princess - Mexican Food

As your car approaches Aston Down Airfield, stop at 27, Hangar Site C, and drive to the parking lot for a visit to La Hacienda. The first sight of this environment alone is enough to fill the stomach and send hunger packing.

This restaurant has won several awards, and it’s easy to see why. It is situated right at the Fairmont Princess Resort, and the menu is filled with delightful dishes made by the internationally-renowned chef, Richard Sandoval.

If you’re in Scottsdale and you’re a foodie, you just have to try it out. The architecture is Spanish-inspired, and the place offers the very best tequila bar you can find in the city. Fun Fact: Try out the Tamal de Huitlacoche and the prickly pear margarita.

8. Carlsbad Tavern

Carlsbad Tavern - Scottsdale Mexican Food

Scottsdale is the home of the best Mexican food places across the length and breadth of Arizona. At Carlsbad Tavern, you will be treated to all the classic and modern cuisines from Mexico and neighboring cultures.

This old town restaurant has the most creative interior design, which is bat and cave themed and is famous for serving authentic Mexican food. This restaurant aims to please you, not just with fantastic food but also great entertainment.

Turn in for excellent dishes, good entertainment, and amazing staff service. Don’t leave without trying their grub; there’s none like it. you can opt for the dine-in and takeaway options.

9. Fiesta Burrito Mexican Food

The Fiesta Burrito - Scottsdale Mexican Food

Mexicans are known for their wide range of rich traditional and modern cuisines and they love them. But perhaps you’re on your first visit to Scottsdale and would love to recreate those beautiful moments on Friday night, Cinco de Mayo, or Taco Tuesday, there is a place you will get all the treats.

It may look miles away from your location, but you should never miss an opportunity to have a taste of Mexican food from the Fiesta Burrito Mexican Food.

Great Mexican food is served here and is served fresh. That’s right; the meal is made while you’re there to make sure you enjoy it while it is still fresh. With unique dishes lining up their menu and a lovely collection of wine, you’re bound to leave satisfied and planning your next visit to the restaurant. Besides, if you can’t make it, they also offer their delivery services.

If, elsewhere, it costs you some high bucks to order for a plate of Chilaquiles or elote, you are likely to get the same plate at a lesser price at Fiesta Burrito Mexican Food.  That is the power of customer service.   

10. Hacienda’s Mexican Grill

Hacienda Mexican Grill - Scottsdale Mexican Food

In the third spot is the Spanish-inspired Hacienda’s Mexican Grill, one of the best food places for Mexican food. This restaurant is situated in North Scottsdale and is run by a family. Whatever Mexican specialty you’re looking for, Hacienda has it all for you. They’ve got regional Mexican dishes from every corner in their menu, and the dishes are always a work of art. The dining room is upscale yet casual to ensure you relax and enjoy the meal.

Final Thoughts

Mexican foods are known for their unique taste when made with a blend of their top-quality ingredients. Why subject yourself to half-rate Mexican food when you can get the real deal from one of these top 10 Mexican food places in Scottsdale, AZ?

If you’re Mexican, the dishes served at this restaurant will make you feel right at home. You won’t regret opting for any of these Mexican food places. After all, nourishing food takes precedence over the thirst to just satisfy hunger.

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