10 Best Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ
Franco's Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale
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10 Best Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

No major American city’s culinary scene is complete without Italian cuisine. Italy’s most beloved export is neither leather nor high-street fashion. Its standout export is, drum rolls please, pasta. Along with pasta, its array of culinary dishes, like brochette and risotto, are welcome beloved staples right in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Local homebody foodies, visitors, and tourists want something more than ordinary when they want an outing in the ancient town of Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of the time, what you find out there as the best Italian restaurants are not close to the top 50.

To treat yourself to the best and most delicious Risotto or Ossobuco while sipping it down with Barbera, Nero d’Avola, or Dolcetto, we have carefully picked out the 10 best Italian restaurants to relive your latent thirst for Italian cuisines.

Now that you’re in the US for the best of Italian cuisine that has made a home in Scottsdale, here are our top picks for the 10 best Italian restaurants.

1. Uncle Sal

Uncle Sal Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale

You step out of your room, thirsting for a taste of Lasagna and it seems you can find it in your neighborhood, where else do you go if not Uncle Sal? Until you get to Uncle Sal, do not make any order for any Italian food. If it’s not from Uncle Sal, it is not the best Italian food.

Uncle Sal makes a top entrance to the top 10 list for all the right reasons. Long history, family-themed recipes and devotion to original Italian cuisine makes this Molinari family restaurant, nurtured over 40 years, a most sought after an Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Its laid-back atmosphere and made from scratch meals offer a hard to forget dining experience. Known for its friendly faces and impressive wine list, dining at Uncle Sal is a time-honored Scottsdale tradition.

2. That’s Amore Gelato Shop

thatsamoregelato Italian in Scottsdale

With roots in Milan, That’s Amore is a fine example of enduring Italian-American heritage finding a place on our top ten list of best Italian restaurants. Aside from its signature unique tasting gelato, it also features an extensive offering of pastries, including tiramisu, canestrelli, crumiri, cantucci, and many more.

 A quick run to That’s Amore is a given family trip during the summer months to Scottsdale. Wafts of awesome-smelling espresso form the signature of this Scottsdale restaurant. You can be sure that the restaurant’s top-quality culinary services are offered at a price affordable to diners.  

3. Tutti Santi by Nina

Tutti Santi by Nina

If you are a fan of a lot of Italian cuisines, whether classic or modern, Tutti Santi by Nina is the right pick. It combines the serenity of the atmosphere with a wide variety of Italian foods. Whether it’s Fiorentina Steak, Truffles, Focaccia, or the popular Pizza, Tutti Santi by Nina gets you covered.

Chef Leonardo “Leo” Zacchino’s style has been acclaimed since he opened his first restaurant in 1996. Food is described as “holy” in his hands. Tutti Santi’s neighborhood ambiance is at its most original. 

With his beloved signature Calamari Fritti and Parmigiano, which features thin raw slices of filet mignon, an array of four signature dishes are available every night at Tutti Santi, making his place on this list of great Italian restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona a foregone conclusion.

4. Franco’s Italian Caffe

Franco's Italian Restaurant In Scottsdale

It’ll be mean to name the first five best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona without a mention of Franco’s Italian Caffe. This is where variety meets serenity, and serenity meets beauty.

Franco Fazzuoli’s history is as deep, enriching, and memorable as his menu and impressive wine list. Born in Florence, Italy, Franco is a believer in the sensual enjoyment of food born of epicurean ideology.  

With a long list of successful restaurants from Italy to New York to Arizona, Franco’s Italian Caffe is yet another impressive Italian style restaurant being guided by the highly acclaimed chef. With offerings such as bruschetta, bufala mozzarella, and capellini tomato basil, Franco’s is a memorable fine-dining Italian restaurant.

The service comes at a price that is affordable to diners, guests, and customers. But no money is too much to spend when it comes to eating the best food for a healthy lifestyle.    

5. Veneto Trattoria

Veneto Trattoria captures the laid back feel of a classic Italian trattoria. With its layout, light, and hearty servings of great Italian dishes such as fresh gnocchi to creamy risottos, meals are satisfying, flavorful and light on butter and grease.

However, with its rich balsamic dressing, the signature Italian taste is never compromised. You can hail why Veneto Trattoria is among the best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. With Veneto Trattoria, the typical life of an average Italian reverberates again. Take it or leave it, Veneto restaurant will not only make you love food as a necessity but also as an intimate pleasure. 

6. Olive & Ivy

Best italian in Scottsdale Olive & Ivy

Dining at Olive & Ivy feels like the giddy rush of new love. Its effortless, beautiful mimicry of the French Riviera and Mediterranean style menu makes it a necessary addition to the best Italian restaurant list. It offers flavorful offerings like sea scallops and lamb meatballs in a pita.

Its sunlit patio is perfect for a cozy date for two is available, as well as a more boisterous happy hour dining space. Reds, whites, and crafts beers make up its impressive wine list. Whatever the mood or experience required of fine dining, Olive & Ivy is poised to oblige.

7. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro truly represents Italian tradition, history, and culture. This family Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, is known for its good food with friends around the table. It also has a history of offering great service.

The unmistakable tradition in this pizza bistro built of recipes passed down from three generations of Italians is incredible. The ambiance is a heart-warming family-style, the service is personal and attentive without being intrusive.

The Gibbilini family tradition of playing host to friends and family shines through loudly in its large-sized pizzas, well-cooked creamy plates of pasta, and salads. These meals are flavored with the Gibbilini family recipe dressing. Such warmth and heart are fit for our list of the top ten restaurants in Scottsdale.

8. Grimaldi

Grimaldi is rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona, for several reasons every diner will want to bear in mind. The restaurant truly brings authentic “New York-style pizza” to Scottsdale, Arizona. With countless reviews to back up the claim, we are hard-pressed to disagree. Grimaldi proudly boasts that gas ovens are incapable of capturing the taste and texture of its pizza crust; hence, it is proud to use, to this day, its coal-fired brick ovens.

If you’re thinking hand-tossed dough flying up in the air and appropriately charred pizza crust with homemade mozzarella and tomato sauce, Grimaldi remains unmatched.

9. Spiga Cucina Italiana

If you’re a diner just strolling into the Scottdale-based Spiga Cucina Italiana, you may wonder what’s going on there. ‘Am I in Portugal, Spain or Italy?’ Before you call Jack Robinson, the neatly-kitted baristas and garcon are already waiving at you, taking down your orders. This is the kind of VIP treatment everyone visiting a restaurant wants to have.

That tells you the reason to find the best Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. Spiga Cucina Italiana prides itself as a fusion of Italian and Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) cuisine. Guided by elite restaurateurs Fernando and Paulo Esteves, Spiga Cucina Italiana is poised to marry classic Italian dishes with a smoky, wood-fired blend.

From Sicilian-styled seafood to slow-braised meat, it promises to be a bold offering set to be distinct in the Italian cuisine repertoire in Scottsdale, Arizona. What’s more, the restaurant is one of the best budget-friendly places to visit in the whole of Scottsdale.

10. Andreoli Italian Grocer

“Delicioso” captures what Italians stand for, which is passion and a great love for good food. Pump the offerings at Andreoli Italian Grocer. Wholly family run by Giovanni Scorza and his wife, Linda, the meals are authentic Italian with recipes credited to Giovanni’s mother. From made from scratch bread to salami and cheese, Italian food is served here at its finest.

You don’t have to worry about the cost because Andreoli Italian Grocer makes it easy for both high- and low-end diners to get their Italian cuisines at an affordable price.  

Final Thoughts

If you ask the youngest in Arizona where to go to buy the Italian foods, the 10 best Italian Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona will lead the pack. Let’s face, our interest is to serve your needs when it comes to keeping abreast with the best places in this ancient town. Money is hard to come by and you shouldn’t splash it on anything that won’t give value; not even on a worthless cuisine.

The best Italian restaurants in Scottsdale are known for all the good services you would expect from a restaurant. From top-quality customer service to a serene atmosphere, high bandwidth Wi-Fi and internet network, dine-in and takeaway, private, street, bike and car parking lots, you will feel at home away from home.

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