10 Best Pizza Places To Eat in Phoenix, AZ
Best Pizza Places in Scottsdale

10 Best Pizza Places To Eat in Phoenix, AZ

You may not be a fan of wings, donuts, Japanese sushi, or Mexican Huicho; you may also not harbor any flair for American Swiss burger or any burger for that matter. When it comes to pizza, everyone seems to run amok, especially at places and joints where they can eat a lot of pizzas.

Forget the auto theft stats for which Phoenix has a high record, this city is known in various ways for being the home of pizzas. Don’t get it twisted, Phoenix takes the lead among American cities with a huge presence of a range of pizza makers and pizzerias.

The variety of pizza making methods is only surpassed by the sweet sensations that fill your taste buds on every bite. We’re not limited to the usual wood-fire or deep-dish methods. No. This is well and easily achieved by the vast number of skilled pizza makers in Arizona’s desert.

However, with so many pizzeria options to pick from, we’ve decided to make a list of the 10 Best Pizza places in Phoenix. Any choice you make from the list will live up to your expectations, and if you desire, you can try them all.

Top 10 Best Pizza Places in Phoenix

1. Pomo Pizzeria

Best Pizza Phoenix

The first entry on our list is the Pomo Pizzeria. Pomo is known for its use of the Neapolitan method to make their pizza. Pomo pizza comes from a fine blend of wheat flour, yeast, sea salt, and water.

After careful and elaborate preparation processes, what Pomo Pizzeria returns to your table is a tantalizing tomato and flavored crispy, and spicy food, and decorated with Italian pepperoni for that extra zing. Thanks to the professional culinary job of the Pomo Pizzeria.

Pomo combines tradition with modernity, making their Neapolitan hand-crafted method produce the hand-kneaded, thin-crusted blistery pie. Pomo pizza comes with four ingredients. if you want a dine-in, curbside picks, delivery or takeaways, Pomo is available to offer you.

2. Forno 301

Best Pizza Phoenix (1)

The second joint on our list of the best places to eat pizza in Phoenix is Forno 301. This place is located in a small space, just across from the Phoenix Art Museum. This Pizzeria offers a very wide variety of flavors.

From the Testosterone pizza – often trademarked as the Ballsy pizza – with its signature tomato sauce, to the chef’s version of the well-known 4 Stagioni pizza, Forno 301 makes its name sought-after among pizza lovers.

The service of the baristas and attendants makes your experience worthwhile while at this place. Even with the stocked menu, there’s still no bad pizza. You can order a custom pizza that suits your needs. This is a place to try.

What is the icing on the cake? That’s the price you pay for eating so much sumptuous and delicious pizza at Forno 301. They are pizzas at affordable prices.

3. Pizzeria Bianco

Best Pizza Phoenix (2)

Next in line is the Bianco Pizzeria. The pizza that comes from Bianco is often regarded as the standard of Phoenix pizzas. “Sure, it’s good, but it’s not as good as Bianco’s” or “I had a slice of pizza today that’s miles above Bianco’s”. These are some of the satisfactory and expressed feedback from customers who have tasted pizza at Bianco.

The laid back surrounding with the serenity of the entire edifice make one want to come back and like Oliver twist, as for more pizzas. This is undoubtedly the most influential Pizzeria in town, even having a voice on the international scene.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of money you will pay for a plate of pizza. This is because Bianco offers one of the most budget-friendly prices in Phoenix

4. Cibo

Cibo is over a decade old and has earned its reputation for being one of the best pizza places in Phoenix. With this reputation they built solely on the supply of quality and tasty pizza all over downtown, and the larger Phoenix.

Cibo dabbles in the art of flavor balancing, making sure you get a hint of everything on every bite. This is the best of all your Italian pizzas. Other cuisines available at Cibo include gluten-free options, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly options. For all your everyday meals, Cibo will spice it up with the best ingredients. Check for your late-night, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner meals.

The icing on the cake? That is the price. This pizza joint offers their pizza at a price that won’t make you forget your kids’ share in pizza from Cibo.

5. Base Pizzeria

Base Pizzeria is known for its trademarked “The Chook“, which is a fine, savory blend of diced tomatoes, mashed potatoes, chicken, and an abundant amount of peeled Parmesan. This pizza place is operated by Aussie ex-pats, and it promises to provide due satisfaction to your bellies and tasty buds.

While there is no compromise on the standard and quality of the pizza you receive, Base Pizzeria is keen on offering the best pizza at a reasonable price. The staff is top-notch; the environment is conducive for dine-in. If you also prefer the curbside pick, delivery, or takeaways, the base Pizzeria gets you covered.

6. La Piazza PHX

If you remember the first guy on our list of the best pizza places in Phoenix, you won’t quickly forget the La Piazza PHX. Like Promo Pizzeria, la Piazza PHX practices the Neapolitan method.

Along with its sister restaurant, La Piazza Al Forbo, this pizza place is located at Glendale. For customers and pizza foodies living downtown, this is the best place to splash your hard-earned money for your lunch. If you check in or make an order after lunch hours for pizza, you may have to wait because La Piazza PHX enjoys high patronage.

And for the main attraction, it has its special Dolce Diabolo, which is a sweet and spicy mix of Calabria chiles, ripe basil, and a hint of Arizona honey. This really is something to check out.

7. LAMP Pizzeria

The seventh item on our list of the best places to eat pizza in Phoenix is lamp Pizzeria. If you want a plate of a mouth-watering mix of aesthetics and deliciousness, you should try the Gen pizza. The Gen pizza is an exclusive product from LAMP Pizzeria. It is outstandingly tasty, with crunchy crusts that you cannot help but devour.

It also offers a very wide range of flavors on its menu, but we must urge you not to be put off by the more satirical names like “Jesse’s Girl” or “Stacey’s Mom”, these tasty treats are too good to miss.

LAMP Pizzeria is housed in a cool and serene environment that makes your dine-in hours a memorable one. You won’t have to break the bank before you get pizza at LAMP joint because they offer incredibly fair prices for their exclusively professional service and delicious meal.   

8. My Slice of the Pie

If you want a pizza place in Phoenix where you can have a blend of Italian and Mexican pizzas, then My Slice of the Pie is the right place for you. My Slice of Pie is one of the newer pizza places.

It features a relaxed vibe but still comes with a mouthwatering menu of Italian and Mexican flavors and their bold and tasty mashups. The attendants and baristas are professional and respond to your order as soon as you want it.

Although they don’t offer a dine-in, you can order your pizza through no-contact delivery or curbside picks. All of this is offered at a good price.

9. The Parlor Pizzeria

The Parlor is the perfect spot for pizza deviants. They serve pizza with different unusual toppings like pickles, bacon, shrimp, bacon, and many more.

Of course, all available toppings have been tested well on their pizza compatibility before serving, so trust that you won’t find a hint of pineapple in your cheese.

10. Craft 64

How about something to wash down your wood-fired pizza and beer perhaps? Well, come on down to Craft 64 where you can crack a cold one with their trademarked The Aji, which is made of spicy chili sauce. This is one pizza no one will want to resist. Although the Pizzeria is founded in downtown Scottsdale, it has spread to Phoenix and a lot of other areas in Arizona.

It uses the Neapolitan Pizza method; and with its signature South American chilly sauce, Craft 64 produces some of the best-flavored pizzas in Phoenix. 

Final Thoughts

So if you ever find yourself at Phoenix Arizona, ow you know where you can get the best pizzas, among the rest. If you can hit one, and you can hit it all, be assured that the flavors are all uniquely superb, and you really cannot have enough.

It just keeps getting better though, because, every day, the roster keeps expanding, and more pizza styles are found. Without a doubt, this is definitely the place for extreme pizza lovers. Bon appetit!

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